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Welcome to Esperanza Estates!  If your rental agent did not provide you with an information sheet to help you become familiar with Arizona, Pima County, Green Valley, and EE, here's some info to get you started.

in Arizona:
--  feeding of wildlife in Pima & Maricopa counties was declared to be illegal by the state in 2006.  The law includes Bobcats, Coyotes, Javelina, Mountain Lions, and Bears, but does not apply to birds or tree squirrels.

traffic laws specific to AZ—including 'Move Over, AZ'  which requires drivers to move over or slow down under conditions which have led to fatalities previously--are worth reviewing; read details on the AZ laws here:

in Pima County:
-- pet owners are required to keep dogs on a leash at all times when in public and to pick up their pet's excrement.  Penalties for not complying with the law include fines ($100-$700), jail time (1-4 months), and/or probation (1-2 years), depending on the offense and whether repeated.  Contact Pima County Animal Care Center (724-5900) to file a report.
For details:

-- natural predators such as Great Horned Owls and Hawks are a threat to small dogs and cats, so it is wise to keep any pets inside, or under cover when outside for their own safety.

-- be on the lookout for Rattlesnakes when out walking and be prepared to restrain or even pick up small dogs and leave the immediate area.  (If you are going to be living in the area for an extended period with a dog, it's worth considering a snake avoidance training program for your pet.)

– the Pima County Sheriff's department has acknowledged that La Canada Dr. is used as a 'speed trap training location' for newly badged officers, so 'driver beware' when transiting this heavily-traveled roadway.

in Green Valley:
-- the White Elephant Thrift Shop, near the intersection of La Canada and Desert Bell Drive, is a good source of a wide variety of moderately priced items that may be needed for short-term use in a seasonal rental.

– the Attic Thrift Store at The Animal League of GV on Duval Mine Rd, West of La Canada, is another source of reasonably priced goods and offers a way to support TALGV's programs to provide homes (& adoption programs) for abandoned and rescued pets.

– the Farmers' Market at Green Valley Village mall opens on Wednesdays and provides an opportunity to get to know about local retailers, services, and events--as well as offering numerous opportunities to buy craft items, art, and (possibly most importantly) regional food specialties!

in Esperanza Estates:
call 9-1-1 in case of a life-threatening emergency;
   report any suspicious activity by contacting EE Neighborhood Watch.

'open' Wi-Fi, available at the EE Ramada (763 Ensalmo), allows casual Internet browsing; because it is 'open' (unsecured), it should not be used to access accounts requiring a log-in and password.

the Monday Morning Memo, EE's weekly email1 newsletter (also posted on the Ramada bulletin board), includes newsworthy items and details on upcoming social events at the Ramada as well as a calendar of activities scheduled throughout EE.

the Periodico, EE's occasional periodical, includes in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics, including interviews with 'notable' EE residents.
(The Periodico is distributed by email
1 and available in printed form at the Ramada.)

-- our neighborhood pool (763 Ensalmo) is available for use during posted 'open' hours, unless unusually low temperatures dictate leaving the pool covered (a sign will be posted, if so.)  A key is required to gain entry to the pool enclosure; one should have been provided to you.  Please observe all posted pool rules, including taking a soapy shower before entering the pool or spa, wearing a swim suit, and not allowing a child in diapers into either the pool or spa.  Also, users of the spa must be 18 years of age or older.

-- our pickleball courts (1191 del Sur) are available for your use.  Rules for court use are posted in the shed.

1 As a renter, you can sign up to receive the MMM as well as Periodico notices by email; contact the EE webmaster: to sign up.

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