Some of the Recreational Facilities of...

Esperanza Estates


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The 'Sunset Ramada' in the background is the newest addition to our recreational facilities.
The garden of native plants in the foreground is a newer addition to our network of parks & developed open spaces.

The Ramada provides protection from our Arizona sun and occasional monsoon rains, making it possible to hold planned events 'rain-or-shine' -- while maintaining an outdoor feeling.  When our temperatures dip during the Winter, a set of propane heaters are put to work to keep things toasty. 

The Ramada provides a large, wide-open area under roof that can accommodate everything from seated events,
 to our annual fund-raising events.

Our saltwater pool, situated next to the Sunset Ramada, is suitable for diving or swimming laps.
It also provides the space needed for weekly water aerobics classes.

The saltwater Hot Tub in the foreground...

The view of the Santa Rita Mountains from the pool.

The tennis courts...

...still frequently used for tennis...


...are now frequently reconfigured for pickleball...

an increasingly popular alternative to tennis.
(Thanks to John Meek for the tennis & pickleball photos!)


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