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Esperanza Estates, an 'over 55'  retirement community in Green Valley, Arizona, is 20  miles south of Tucson off Route I-19.   There's much more information about our community below;  please read on and enjoy the many photographs along the way.


A Bit of the History of Esperanza Estates 



Construction of Esperanza Estates was begun by Earl Whigham in 1976 and completed in 1986.

The architecture of homes in EE is distinctive, with a definite Spanish influence -- including the names chosen for the streets thoroughout.  Approximately 21 acres of common space were reserved for the use and enjoyment of all EE residents.  Our recreational facilities -- swimming pool & hot tub, tennis courts (recently also used for pickleball), and a number of parks -- were all a part of Earl Whigham's original design.
In the years since development was completed, portions of the common space have been further developed to provide walking trails, a number of gardens, and the 'Sunset Ramada' -- a popular spot for get-togethers of residents.


Around the Esperanza Estates neighborhood


Our salt-water pool & spa and the ramada represent the central core of the recreational facilities of Esperanza Estates.  There are a number of other amenities throughout our community which help to make this a great place for active adults.  In addition to our wide, curving streets bordered by sidewalks on both sides, we have a 1-1/2 mile-long trail for walking & jogging, a number of parks for relaxing and observing nature, and tennis & pickleball courts for an invigorating early morning workout.  From the photos, it may be apparent that the homes are well maintained and our common areas well groomed -- with many mature tropical trees and other native vegetation.  (You may <click> on any of the photos to get the 'bigger picture'.)


Getting Here









- From Tucson, drive about 20 miles South on I-19; take exit #65 ('Green Valley Esperanza Boulevard') and head West.
   (from the South, take the same exit -- #65 -- then turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp to head West.)
- Proceed westbound on Esperanza Boulevard, going through the traffic light at La Canada Blvd.  and continuing on up the hill.
- After passing the 5th cross-street ('South Paseo Seco', photo #1), look for the 'Esperanza Estates' sign (photo #2) on your left.
- Continue a few hundred feet further on Esperanza Blvd, then turn left onto Camino del Portillo (photo #3.)
- Proceed on Portillo (photo #4) for two blocks, then turn left onto Calle del Ensalmo.
- Immediately on the right are an 'Esperanza Estates' sign & perennial garden (photo #5) and the Sunset Ramada (photo #6).  Just beyond the ramada are the salt-water pool and spa.

The Ramada, completed in 2007, is one of the most ambitious enhancements undertaken to our community since Earl Whigham completed construction in 1986.  The Ramada is used regularly for social gatherings -- morning coffee & donut get togethers as well as our popular and well attended burger nights -- and a variety of other special events.



For more history, follow this link

A Historyof Esparanza Estates as seen through the eyes of William R. Milne


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