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We have this magnificent Saguaro right to Esperanza Estate.  Check out this video from Joe Jackson, photographer, and Tom Aigner, narrator. Joe's video is excellent and Tom gives detailed and accurate directions for finding Hercules. You can watch it on YouTube

Hunting For Hercules



The Walking Trail around EE is a 1-1/2 mile long marked trail that takes you through many parts of our neighborhood. 
The trail description below starts and ends at the pool & spa, Sunset Ramada and garden, all at 763 Calle del Ensalmo.

The trail is marked in the sketch above as a series of footsteps.  In the years since 2002 when the sketch was created by Al Larson, a number of things have changed, including the addition of the Ramada which replaced the Shuffleboard courts in 2007, and the addition of restrooms in 2012 at the Tennis (since 2008, Pickleball) Courts at the West end of Circulo del Sur.  Many of those changes are noted in a newer map of the trail, created in 2012, which also includes a reference to the public art on display in Esperanza Park which was created to commemorate the centennial of Arizona's admission as a state on February 14, 1912.  Our newest park, Wild Flower Park, is indicated on the new sketch as well.

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The trail starts across Portillo from the Sunset Ramada & Garden.

So, turn around, cross the street, climb the steps,
 and pass by a group of Pineapple Palms on your right.

Continue up along the wash all the way to Camino Holgado...

...passing a variety of native species -- mesquite, prickly pear, etc.

Continue along the common driveway to get to Holgado.

Cross Holgado to the entrance to Mesquite Park, marked by a small bridge.  

Continue through the shade of Mesquite Park along the path bordered by stones.  

The path crosses another small bridge, then continues on.  

Approaching Circulo del Sur, there's a 'Quad' on the left
 that is landscaped with Pineapple Palms and ground-cover.

Continue westward, going slightly uphill, along Circulo del Sur... arrive at the pickleball courts, bordered all around by tall Oleanders.
(NOTE: restrooms are just behind the equipment storage building shown above.)

Continue on the walk to 'brick oven park' along the East side of the courts... the wood-fired brick oven and seating area for small gatherings...

...then on reaching the end of the gravel path at the arroyo,
turn left and follow the trail to the East, with a mountain view.

A bench near the trail provides a place to pause and enjoy the mountain views.

The trail continues along the arroyo after crossing Camino Holgado.

The arroyo was improved by the addition of taller walls after the Flood of '83.

Continue to the break in the wall on Vereda Calma, almost to Portillo.

Cross over Portillo at the bridge, then follow the arroyo Eastward.

At the Easternmost point of the trail, you arrive at Mountain View Park
which includes a specimen cactus and succulent garden, as well as
some interesting mosaic sculptures, including this tortoise...

...continuing on the path through Mountain View Park...

The trail turns left to follow the Eastern boundary of Esperanza Estates.

Continue Northeasterly until you come to Whigham Park, split by Whigham Wash.

The path continues through Whigham Park, then crosses Circulo Napa
 to follow Calle del Ensalmo back toward its starting point.

Continue up Ensalmo to the pool, Sunset Ramada & garden.  Done!

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