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Welcome to Esperanza Estates

"One of the finer subdivisions in Green Valley, AZ"

The Esperanza Estates neighborhood is located 20 miles south of Tucson in Green Valley, AZ.  EE includes 350 'Alamo style' architecturally distinctive homes combining masonry, red clay tile, and numerous arches...

Amenities for EE homeowners & guests include a salt water pool & spa, pickleball courts, an open-air Ramada for social gatherings,  a mile+ walking trail which visits many of our nine creatively landscaped parks, and the parks themselves.

We thrive on the volunteerism of many EE homeowners to enhance and beautify our facilities, common areas, and parks.  More than 21 acres are landscaped.

During monsoon season, our skies are as attractive as our landscaped areas, and ever-changing...

Photo credits: #1 above by Craig S; #2-5 by Cheri Day

Sunset by Kraylen Miholer...

Sunset & Nesting Mourning Dove by Judy Nesavich...

Snow on 2/22/19 & Sunrise by Chris Vanlonkhuzyen

More snow from 2/22 by Kris Bean

EE's Parks by Jim Copeland (Spring has arrived!)


Last update on Thursday, January 26, 2023