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August 27, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Fountain Is Fixed
Do you find the sound of water soothing and relaxing?  Then you'll be relieved to know that the fountain at Sunset Park next to the Ramada is now back in operation. Many residents get a great deal of pleasure from seeing and hearing the fountain when they walk past.  Our thanks to Tom Cooke for making the effort to keep it going, keep it clean, and to fool with it in the wind and the winter.    

We Passed Muster 
The Pima County Health Department conducted its annual inspection of our pool and spa, and both passed as meeting all requirements and standards.

Landscape Work
Dean Hess reports that this week Hot Desert, our landscaping contractors, will be working in zone 4 on Wednesday and in zones 2, 3 and 4 on Thursday.  To find out what zone you are in, visit our website ( and view the map under HOA Documents.

September is almost here, and that brings back memories of a new school year.  Thinking about learning something new this year? Consider taking up the popular sport of pickleball.  If you're new to EE, this is a great way to meet your neighbors.  Pickleball is played Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m. at the courts on Circulo del Sur.

Last Call  
The deadline for voting for the EE photo of the year is Saturday, September 1.  To cast your vote, email Denise at or leave a message at 399-3312.  You can view the photos on our website at or at the Ramada.

Buzz Off! 
Mosquitos love monsoon rains as much as we do.  Now is a good time to check around your property and eliminate any standing water. Even the water that collects in a watering can is enough to provide a breeding ground for mosquitos. 

The primary elections will take place tomorrow, Tuesday August 28.  Lillian Sako has generously offered to provide a ride to the polls for anyone unable to drive.  You can contact Lillian at (928) 651-3848.

In Memoriam  
The MMM is including the Periodico's monthly In Memoriam list during the summer months when the Periodico is not published so that people who wish to express their condolences can do so in a timely manner.

Dorothy Sharpe, Calle Excelso, August 19

Ruth Epple, Placita Nueva, August 21
A Memorial Mass will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, August 29, at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, 505 N. La Caņada Drive.  Ruth was 101 years old

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