Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

April 19

Good Morning:

The regular monthly meeting of the EE Board will take place today at the Ramada, beginning at 1:00 p.m. All residents are invited to attend. An agenda follows this issue of the Memo.

About 75 people enjoyed the last Hamburger Nite of this spring, put on as usual by our always excellent Hospitality Committee. The evening was beautiful and the Committee was in their usual form, serving with alacrity. It was livened considerably by an impromptu violin concert by Patty Adler--greatly enjoyed by the attendees. It is sad to see this regular monthly function come to an end for this spring, but remember, the Committee has a fiesta planned for Cinco de Mayo, so stay tuned for the details. Also, remember the Hamburger Nites will begin again in the fall, so we’ll have this to look forward to.

Free Coffee and Donuts were served Wednesday morning to about 20 of our morning people. Many of the usual attendees were absent, having already left for their homes in the north. As a result, Free Coffee and Donuts will be suspended for this spring, to begin again in October, as usual, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Two new photo pieces are now on the website, covering the Volunteer’s Dinner, and the recent Home Tour. Check these out at and click on Recent Activities, and 2010 Home Tour, on the left hand menu. Both feature a “New” balloon to the right of the heading. The Home Show series are amazing photos, and feature a slide show of each of the homes that were on the Home Tour this year. The pictures from the Volunteer’s Dinner are a series of candid photos of the event, including pictures of this year’s winners. Many thanks to our webmaster, Craig Surprise, and to others who took and submitted pictures for these photographic essays.

Remember, the pool and spa will be closed for about 2 weeks, to enable the insides to be re-plastered, and some other updating done. The re-opening date will be announced as soon as it is determined. Apologies to all for having to start the project early, but that is unfortunately just the way it worked out. We had planned for an April 19 date, but the work crew scheduling made an earlier start date necessary.

A meeting of volunteers interested in creating a xeriscape garden in EE was held at the Ramada on April 15. About 25 volunteers have expressed an interest in working on this project, although some have now left for the summer. Jim Lindberg has drawn a site plan for the garden area, which the group discussed in some detail, and discussions were held with representatives of Pro Neighborhoods, a Tucson based group that administers grant funds for projects of this type. Our Enhancement Team has pledged funds to enable this effort to do preliminary planning, and will likely move ahead with the project even if it turns out no grant funds will be available--although on a much slower timetable. This could turn into an excellent project for EE, and leave us with an outcome that would be an envy to all, and a model for other subdivisions. Watch for further details as they develop.

As a reminder, the hour of pickleball play has been changed to 9:00 a.m. , by order the Head Pickle. As the weather warms, this may change again to yet an earlier hour. Watch for updates. Days of play, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, have not changed.

The Food Bank has happily advised Esperanza Estates that we have donated 908 pounds of food at the collections taken at our gatherings since December. Thanks to all who have donated, and to Don and Pam Bjorkman who coordinate this effort for our community. We hope to continue this in the future.


Sons Of Orpheus Men’s Chorus will be singing at Valley Presbyterian church next Sunday, the 25th. The concert is at 3 p.m., and part of the ticket price of $15, will go to benefit the GV Community Food Bank. The concert features vocal, violin and piano soloists, a cowboy trio and classic selections by the choir. The church is at 2800 South Camino del Sol. Tickets are available at the Food Bank on East Continental, the Chamber of Commerce or at the door for $15. You can also pick up a ticket from the Kitchaks on Calle Excelso; their phone is 838-0653. The chorus has sung in Green Valley many times, and also is well known for its annual Christmas concert with the Tucson Boys Chorus at Mission San Xavier.

For the second time, some vandal has started a trash fire on the barbeque grill at Esperanza (Flag) Park. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around the Park area, please telephone 399-0455 and the local sheriff’s office.

Have a good week.

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Sunset Ramada

AGENDA for Board Meeting April 19, 2010

I. 1:00 Call to order--recognition of new members

II. Announcements

III. Acceptance of the March minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Joan Moreaux

Committee Reports:


B. CAPITAL PROJECTS – Sandy Reed/ discussion of pool/spa re-plastering contract and pool/spa updating

C. COMMON AREA MAINTENANCE – Stoney Brown; mistletoe situation

D. GVCCC – Joe McCalpin


F. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES – Tom Cooke/award of honorary HOA membership to Gary Beatty; Ramada signs

G. HOSPITALITY – Scottie Blum and Sam Barnard; Volunteer’s Party


I. ESPERANZA ENHANCEMENT – Representative; Volunteer award for this year; new chairperson

IV. OLD BUSINESS- Report by Ben Sheffield re streetlight project; decision on ordering

V. NEW BUSINESS- approval of xeriscape garden project; making permanent Bienvenidos a Esperanza Committee