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The resolutions below, each adopted by a vote of the EE HOA Board of Directors,
 collectively represent the 'Rules' (cf. EE CC&R's, Section 1.16) which:
 "govern the conduct of the Owners on the Lot and in the Common Areas."

EE Board Resolutions (EE HOA 'Rules')

6/19/2020 (Resolution clarifying and therefore enabling regulation and enforcement of the rules for parking in Esparanza Estates)

5/27/2020 (Regulating the use of ‘common area’ within EE)

10/21/2019 (EE Approved Lamp Head)

This Resolution memorializes a motion made and passed by the Board of Directors of Esperanza Estates Feb. 18, 2019 at a regular meeting of said Board:

Whereas the street lamp head component used within Esperanza Estates is no longer available, and

Whereas said lamp heads occasionally need replacement for various reasons, and

Whereas the Board deems it important to maintain uniformity for the lamp heads to the extent possible, and

Whereas the Board has located a suitable substitute lamp head and has mandated by motion that the only replacement allowed will be said substitute,

Now, Therefore, it is RESOLVED as follows:

1. The Board accepts the Sea Gull Lighting Model #82065-12 fixture as the only acceptable replacement for lamp heads within the subdivision without special Board permission for a variance.

2. The Board shall cause a replacement supply of said heads to be maintained, the cost of which shall be borne by the resident requiring replacement.

Dated this 21st day of October 2019, nunc pro tunc for February 18, 2019.


 ________________________________                            ________________________________
David Sielken, President                                                         Ken Lindeman, Secretary

5/20/2019 (EE Policy for work on County Property)

This resolution of the Board is made for the purpose of establishing a process regarding work either directed by or paid for by Esperanza Estates HOA on Pima County Property.

1.) Problems on County property should be reported to the Common Area Manager (CAM) or a homeowner designated by the Board as the ‘Point of Contact’ (POC) with the County. (Issues regarding trees, shrubs, erosion, debris, drainage, etc.)

2.) The CAM or POC will document and report the problem to the County with a request to correct the problem.

3.) If the County fails to correct the problem, the CAM or POC should request and obtain permission to correct the problem at EE expense.

4.) The CAM or POC will then obtain a quote for the work and present it to the Board for approval.

Adopted by a 7 yes 2 no vote.

2/19/2018 (Monday Morning Memo as official means of presenting Board notices to homeowners.)

This Resolution of the Board of Directors of Esperanza Estates is made this 19th day of February, 2018 for the purpose of establishing the Monday Morning Memo as a means of giving official notice of Board action or the calling of a special Board meeting, and is based on the following:

Whereas it is necessary from time to time to give official notice of an action of the Board or of a special Board meeting, and

Whereas the Bylaws of the Board provide for giving such a notice in “the Newsletter”, but do not define or name any such newsletter and no newsletter has ever been identified, and

Whereas for several years a newsletter known as the Monday Morning Memo has been in use and circulation within Esperanza Estates and is widely read and available to all residents either by email delivery or posting on the Ramada bulletin board and is published each week, and

Whereas the Board deems said Monday Morning Memo to be a reliable source for the publication of any notice needed to be given to residents,

Now, Therefore it is hereby enacted by the Board:

1. The Monday Morning Memo is hereby given the status of an official means of giving notices of Board action or the calling of special Board meetings which it is agreeable to publish.

2. The Board may continue to give official notices by any other means deemed necessary or appropriate and this Resolution is not intended to specify the Monday Morning Memo as the sole method of giving any required notice.

3. It is understood the Monday Morning Memo remains a private publication and not under Board control.

5/18/2015 (Guest Policy)
"Esperanza Estates is a friendly and welcoming community and desires to extend its hospitality to guests of its residents.
Invited guests are welcome to use our recreational facilities and to attend social events, subject to only a few rules:

  •  We ask that guests at all times be accompanied by their EE resident hosts;

  •  We reserve the right to limit the number of guests that can accompany a resident;

  •  Guests should recognize that EE residents shall be given priority in the use of HOA facilities.

For the purposes of this policy, renters of EE homes are considered to be EE residents.

Privately organized events hosted by an EE resident may set their own rules on who may attend."


10/21/13 (Bee Policy)

"Whereas the Board of Directors of Green Valley Esperanza Estates HOA ('the Board') has determined that any infestation of bees, hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects presents a danger and a material hazard to the residents, guests, and other occupants found within the subdivision, and therefore constitutes a nuisance, and

Whereas the Board has a duty under the CC&&Rs to take all appropriate action to abate any such hazard and nuisance for the protection of its residents and the general public, and

Whereas the Board desires to adopt a uniform policy to deal with the responsibility for such abatement, Now, therefore, it is RESOLVED as follows:

  1. Any infestation of bees, hornets, wasps, or other stinging insects found anywhere within the legal boundaries of Esperanza Estates are hereby declared to be a public nuisance and subject to the abatement provisions of this Resolution.

  2. Financial responsibility for the abatement of the nuisance shall rest with the property owner where the infestation shall be found, regardless of where on the property it may be, and particularly including the exterior of a patio wall.

  3. When an infestation is discovered and reported to a member of the Board, the Board member shall immediately notify the Board President. The President, or his delegate shall immediately post as close to the infestation as possible a sign reading CAUTION: Bees, or such other language as the Board may determine, to alert passersby to the hazard. The Board shall keep on hand a reasonable number of such signs in a commonly accessible location as determined by the Board. The property owner, or his designee, shall be given oral and/or written notice as soon as practicable to abate the nuisance, or to make arrangements satisfactory to the Board for its abatement, within 48 hours. Failure of the owner to comply will result in the HOA taking necessary action at the expense of the owner. Any such expense shall be considered a Reimbursement Assessment as provided in Section 5.3.5 of the CC&R's of Green Valley Esperanza Estates and collected as therein provided.

  4. The Board shall have authority to enter onto any lot for the abatement of any infestation which the owner refuses to abate as herein provided, or where the owner cannot be located within a reasonable time, under the authority provided by Sections 12.4 and of the CC&Rs of Green Valley Esperanza Estates."

2/18/13 (Exterior Painting)

"If an area of a structure is enclosed by a minimum of three walls and a ceiling, upon the written request of the Owner, the Architectural Control Committee may approve Painting the walls and ceiling by the Owner, using the same color as the masonry color of the residence." "The line of demarcation between these areas and the rest of the residence will be determined by Architectural Control Committee as part of the approval process."


2/20/12 ('Exterior wall' definition)

"The definition of exterior walls for the purpose of Architectural Control shall be altered such that all wood garage/carport walls will be considered interior walls, including the ceiling, and may be painted the same color as the exterior house color instead of Norfolk Brown. For those units with open or partially open entry walls, the inside of the support columns will be considered the demarcation point for painting the garage/carport ceilings."


5/16/11 (Surcharge for Board-initiated repairs)

"The EEHOA Board of Directors is authorized to add a discretionary surcharge of up to 50 percent of the cost of corrective work, to be billed to the homeowner, if after giving notice to a homeowner and allowing a reasonable time for completion of the work, the homeowner has not taken action to bring their yard or tree[s] into compliance with the CC&Rs."


3/21/2005 (Trees, Shrubs & Landscaping: owner's responsibility to maintain same)

"Whereas, pursuant to Article XII, Sections 12.2,12.3 & 12.6, and Article XIII, Section 13 .3 .1 of the Amended Restatement of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions of Green Valley Esperanza Estates dated April 26th, 2001 each owner of a property within the subdivision is obligated to maintain all trees, shrubs, and landscaping situated upon said property, and
Whereas, pursuant to the same Articles and Sections it is the duty of the Board of Directors to enforce said requirements, and
Whereas, said Board has authority pursuant to Article VII, Section 7 .1. 3 of the Amended & Restated Bylaws to promulgate rules and regulations relative to said enforcement, and
Whereas, at an advisory vote of the membership of the Association during the Annual Meeting held in January, 2 00 5, over 80% of the members voted to request the Board to adopt such rules and regulations,
Now, Therefore, it is RESOLVED:
1. It shall be the duty of all owners of property within Esperanza Estates to maintain all trees, shrubs, and other landscaping, in such a manner and with such frequency as will keep each said owners lot in an attractive, well-kept, condition.
2. The fore going shall apply to all such flora within each owners patio walls, and that area forming the front yard. The term "front yard" shall be that area between lines extended from the center of each boundary wall to the edge of the street adjoining the property to the front. This definition shall have no applicability to Quad yards.
3. All trees and other flora shall be maintained in such a manner they· do not drop in excess of negligible amounts of leaves, needles, seeds, nuts, fruit, bark, berries, buds, petals, flowers, branches, sap, or other debris upon any adjoining property, including the roof of any adjoining property. The term
negligible amount" shall be defined as that amount of such debris that would be acceptable to a reasonable person.
4. No owner may maintain any tree or other flora with a root system which causes damage to a party wall or an adjoining patio. Any such damage that may be discovered shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property where the offending flora is growing, and the Board shall have the authority to order the removal of the same in the event the damage shall be continuing.
5. Nothing contained herein shall prevent two or more owners from entering into a private agreement respecting any tree or other flora, allowing any arrangement acceptable to the parties.
6. Owners are encouraged to attempt a resolution of any problem of a type herein enumerated directly with the alleged offending party. If not successful, a complaint alleging a violation of any provision herein contained shall be in writing and presented to the Board of Directors, and shall be signed. Upon receipt of such a complaint, the Board shall investigate and proceed with the procedures as provided in Article XIII, Section 13. 4 .1 et seq. of the CC&R' s as referenced above.
7. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and publication in one issue of the Periodico.
Done and dated this 21st day of March, 2005, at a regularly convened meeting of the Board of Directors of Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., at Green Valley, Arizona, by unanimous vote of a quorum in attendance.

[Signed by Max Perry, president; attested by Sheila Bennen, secretary]

End of Resolutions

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