Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

September 20

Good Morning:

The first fall meeting of the EEHOA Board following the summer recess will be held today at 1:00, Sunset Ramada. All residents are invited to attend. A meeting agenda appears below.

The first Periodico of the fall season will be out sometime over the next week, and will be delivered to your home if you are in residence currently. If not, you can read it on the website as soon as it is available, at   Click on Periodico de Esperanza on the left hand side of the home page. This will be the premiere issue by our new editor, Denise Roessle, and the publication will have a new look. You will enjoy the new features.

The HOA wishes to express its thanks to all who have helped with our weed situation this year. Specifically, we are aware that Mary Beth Wallace, Nancy Moore, Glenn and Pat Fairchild, Stoney Brown, Jim Lindberg, and Bob Hunton have helped out greatly, and have our appreciation. We are sure there are many who have pulled weeds that we donít know about, and you have our thanks as well. Since we began discussing this issue, many of our owners have taken note and dealt with their own yards. As has been previously reported, due to the magnitude of the problem this year, a few private yards have been sprayed by the HOA landscape crew. Our landscapers have been spraying in the common areas, and will keep on spraying as they are assigned areas to work. The HOA checked into the cost of having a commercial weed eradicator come in and do a general spray, but found the cost prohibitive. As a result, we will be tacking the situation on a smaller scale until all areas have been treated. We ask that you bear with us on this as we have more than 20 acres to deal with and it takes time.

Here is a little note from our Hospitality Committee about a couple of upcoming events that you will want to note:

We will have our first hamburger night on the 12th of October, starting at 4:30 cocktails, and grilling at 5:00pm. Cost is $5:00 per person, with Hospitality supplying mixes and beer. Next event is Halloween, Sunday the 31st of October, a costume party for the ones that want to dress up and we will have prizes for best costume for both men and women. This will start at 4:30p.m. We will supply all drinks and such, but we ask everyone to bring their own special snack to share. We are also going to have a guy doing karaoke song of the 50s,60s, 70s, his name is Patrick Carmody, and he is a neighbor. Also we hope to have some one telling fortunes (also a neighbor). Should be a fun night at-- least is a little different.

There will be Food Bank bins at both events and we ask that attendees bring a food item to donate to the local Food Bank.

Welcome back, Max and Lisa!

Have a good week.

The Monday Morning Memo is not an official publication of the HOA of Esperanza Estates.  It is intended to be informational only and is distributed as a courtesy. Content is entirely determined by the editor.

Editor's E-mail address is: and Editor's phone number is: (520) 399-0455.

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Meeting Agenda - EEHOA, Inc.

September 20, 2010 Regular Board Meeting

Sunset Ramada, 1:00 p.m.


Announcements and Recognition of New Members

Quorum Determination

Approval of minutes of last meeting

Treasurerís Report

Committee Reports:

Architectural: Bob Hunton

Capital Projects: Barb McCalpin

Common Areas: Stoney Brown--discussion of weed situation

GVCCC: Joe McCalpin

Neighborhood Relations: Dean Hess

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke

Hospitality: Sam Barnard or Rep.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace

Enhancement Team: Rep.

Old Business:

New Business: new alternate for GVCCC Rep. Budget Committee formulation; directorís election

Miscellaneous Items:


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