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September 2, 2013        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Happy Labor Day
According to the philosopher Seneca, "It is better to have useless knowledge than to know nothing."
Here are five facts about Labor Day that may fit that category:
- Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day an officially recognized holiday in 1887.
- On June 28, 1894, Congress made the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday.
- In 1955, in Avondale Estates, Georgia, the very first Waffle House opened it's doors to the public on Labor Day weekend.
- The football season starts on or around Labor Day.
- It was once considered a fashion faux pas to wear white or seersucker after Labor Day. Now the tradition is just a reminder of what once was.

Reminder that the Hospitality Committee is hosting a cocktail party at the Ramada this Thursday, September 5, starting at 5:00. The committee will provide wine, beer and soft drinks. Please bring an appetizer to share.

Making a Grand Entrance
Thanks to the Enhancement Team the entrance to the pool area is now pretty spectacular. Check out the colorful new tile that complements the tile work on our entrance monuments. Summer in EE may be quiet, but that doesn't stop the Team from enhancing our community.

Flags Still Wave
Sally Elliott is keeping alive the tradition started a few years back by her late husband, Charlie: replacing all the worn out mailbox flags on upper Circulo Napa. Neighbors appreciate the gesture, particularly after so many were snapped off by the microbursts earlier this summer.

GVC Needs Help
From GVC President Stan Riddle:

"The backbone of the GVC is the various committees that deal with specific issues related to resident everyday living here in Green Valley and enjoying its many benefits. There is a great deal of talent here in Green Valley that we would like to see get involved in the community.
These committees include Planning & Architecture chaired by Bill O'Malley, Traffic & Arroyos chaired by Sandra Stone, Community Services chaired by Joe McCalpin, Environmental chaired by John Kozma, Health & Human Services chaired by Kathy Simpson and Community Planning-Steering Committee, co-chaired by Mac Gearhart and Susan Anderson. Most meetings are just once a month and last about an hour. If you are interested and want to contribute some of your expertise, give Robin Medina Cain a call at 648-1936. Select a committee and go and listen to what is going on and if you like it, let Robin know and arrangements will be made for you to participate in future meetings. Get involved and support your self-governed community."

Bud Perkins Remembered
The family of Bud Perkins, who passed away on August 8, will hold a celebration of his life on Sunday, September 8 from 1:00 - 3:00 at his residence on Circulo Napa.

Getting the Jump on Fall Vegetable Gardening
Whether you'd like to start a tiny herb garden in a pot or set out enough winter vegetables for a crowd, the free vegetable gardening classes at the Joyner-Green Valley Library may give you some new insights. The first of the series of 5 classes entitled Planning Your Fall Garden is scheduled for Saturday, September 7th from 9-10:30 am.  Register online at or contact Linda Strader at 784-4669.

Theft Prevention
An EE resident recently reported the loss of items stored in an open garage. Theft is a rarity in our neighborhood, but it reminds us all to be prepared and vigilant. Installation and use of a lock on a gate, door, or cabinet may be all that's necessary to keep most people honest. Storing items out of direct line of sight reduces temptation.


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