Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

September 13

Good Morning:

About 65 people enjoyed the Hospitality Committee’s Labor Day potluck last Monday at Sunset Ramada. It was a beautiful evening, with the temperature moderating to about 85 degrees and a nice breeze blowing. The array of delicacies was astonishing, and it was a most pleasant evening for all the attendees. Many thanks to our Committee and to all who brought the goodies. This is the first fall event, and we hope many will follow.

The first regular meeting of the Board of Directors of EE following the summer recess will be held this next Monday, September 20, at the Ramada. All residents are invited to attend. The meeting begins at 1:00 p.m.  An agenda will accompany the next issue of the MMM.

Kudos to Bob Hunton for keeping the alleyway between Regalo and Napa, from Portillo to lower Napa, weed-free. Bob pulls everything that comes up in this area by hand--and we are thankful for his efforts! It is one of the few common areas in the entire subdivision that looks really nice, and weed-free.

Bob, and Stoney Brown also completed several hours of pulling weeds by hand in the large common area east of the tennis/pickleball court, where the weeds were several feet high and thick as well. We all owe a debt of thanks to these guys for the many hours they put in regularly to try to handle landscaping issues in EE that are beyond those that the regular landscape crew can keep up with. With these guys it is weed pulling, sand shoveling, pot-hole filling, and you name it--they do it.

Our always busy Enhancement Team has completed additional beautification tile work on the east entrance monument on Portillo, and the Sunset Ramada arch at the corner of Ensalmo and Portillo. Take a look next time you go by, or if out of the area, check it out on our website where you will find pictures of the new look. This project has been designed and completed by Jim and Geri Lindberg, who selected the tile and its placement, with manual help from everybody’s favorite tile guy, Miguel Lopez. Financing was by the Team, at no expense to the HOA. We have to wonder sometimes where we would be without the Team. One thing is certain--this place would look a lot different.

EEHOA Board member Sam Barnard was recently awarded the American Legion's Silver Brigade award for recruiting more than 25 new members to Green Valley's Legion Post 131.

As a matter of general interest, in the last year and a half, 21 homes have sold in Esperanza Estates--not at all a bad record considering the overall state of the real estate market. Prices are down for the most part, but perhaps more realistic, and that is not unexpected considering the artificial values that were being experienced a few years ago.

Have a good week.

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