Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

August 3rd

Good Morning:

The email list for the Monday Morning Memo crashed this past week, and an attempt has been made to resurrect it correctly. If you receive this Memo and should not be, or donít know why, please let the editor know at

After some technical problems were overcome, work has now been pretty well completed on redoing the concrete portions of the Ramada floor. The old surface was completely removed, and has been redone with 2 coats of a concrete stain of a color much closer to the brick pavers that cover most of the floor. The new color is also a perfect match to the tile trim on the Ramada mansard. Before the recoating, the floor was etched with an acid solution, and then primed. In addition, 2 coats of a special sealer has been applied to protect the new surface as much as possible. The Ramada is now reopened for use. The new surface color looks really great and is a nice contrast to the travertine on the walls and cabinet work. Certain of the kickboards in the kitchen area have been given a coat of blue paint, to dress them up from the former dull brown color. When the paint is good and dry, the Ramada will receive a good cleaning and the paver sand will be refurbished in those portions of the floor requiring the same.

As a matter of interest, we had the commercial cost of this same work appraised, (paint removal with power equipment and solutions, etching with acid, priming, 2 coats of paint and a sealer coat) and it came in at $6,500--not including the cost of the cleanup. Another terrific improvement, courtesy of your Esperanza Enhancement Team, at no cost to our HOA. The work was entirely done by volunteer labor, (Joe McCalpin, Jim Lindberg, Bruce Liljegren and Tom Cooke) and financed by our Enhancement Team. Supervising the project for the Team were members Barb McCalpin (who also provided a lot of physical help and goodies) and Geri Lindberg. Support the Team, and it supports you right back in spades.

We received the following message from Sheila Bennen:

A big thank you for all the wonderful cards I received last week.

When you read this Iíll be loading into the moving van--today is the big day.

I truly appreciate all the kind words you sent. It is wonderful to know that maybe you made a difference in some little way. I really did stick my nose in a lot of things, though.

Iíll be back to attend some parties and Hamburger Nites so I won't be leaving for good.

Thank you all.


There will be a work party this Wednesday at the Ramada, beginning at 7:00 a.m., to do some cleanup work. If you are out and about and inclined, drop by and we may be able to find you a job.

Rainfall so far this year at the gauging station on Continental totals 2.68 inches over the last 45 days. There is about another 8 weeks left in this yearís official monsoon period, so plenty of time for more.

The weeds within the pool enclosure were sprayed last Wednesday, and should be gone shortly.

The MMM for the next couple of weeks will be courtesy of back-up editor, Bruce Liljegren, while the usual editor will be traveling. You can reach Bruce at

Have a good week. How about those temps in Seattle this past week? It was warmer than Tucson. And nobody up there has air conditioning! 112 degrees is an unheard of number for that area, where the editor spent many years.


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