Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

August 24, 2009

Good Morning:

Another nice week and weekend. For you snow birds we received our first significant rain this past Fri with more on the weekend.

I talked to Steve "Stony" Brown up at the HOA pool this past Sat and he tells me has been pulling Scotch Broom by the roots in some of the common areas, now that the ground is wet. He says it is really easy. We are lucky to have this guy around let me tell you.

Hard to believe, but it will be Sept. soon. Our next HOA Board Meeting is the third Monday of the month on Sept 21 at 1:00pm up at the Ramada. Put it on your calendar. The meetings are open to all Home Owners and the Board encourages Home Owners to attend.

As most of you know after the HOA meeting the Periodico gets produced by volunteer Arleen Boyuls, printed and then delivered by additional volunteers. Charl Petry, heads up this important group and is in need of additional Periodico deliverers to replace deliverers who in many cases have moved out of Esperanza Estates. It doesn't take much time to do this, and would really be helpful if you could be a part of this project. Give Charl a call at 648-2541 and get more information. Your help would really be appreciated. It is because of the many volunteers, in so many areas, that our HOA annual dues can be held in check. Will you help? If you are a new owner this is one way you can get to know you neighbors and your help would be greatly appreciated. Any Board Member would be happy to tell you of other areas where volunteers donate their time.

Remember the Monday Morning Memo is also available on our Website at along with other helpful HOA information. Traffic is really picking up on the site reports webmaster Craig Surprise. Have you checked it out?

Tom will be back in this chair next week. Welcome back Tom.

Have a Good Week.


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