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August 20, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers Recruitment Open House  
SAV will hold an open house on Saturday, August 25 from 9:00-noon at SAV headquarters for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer. The next training class begins on October 2.  If you would like to attend the open house, please RSVP to SAV at 351-6744.   

The Theater Has Gone Dark
Saturday night movies at the Ramada are taking a long intermission until October or until we find a temporary replacement for Kevin Welsh.  If you would like to volunteer to show the movies for the next two months, please call Tom Cooke at 399-0455.  Kevin has provided easy to follow instructions to run the equipment.   

Cooke Is On The Case
The pump in the fountain at Sunset Garden has quit working for some mysterious reason.  But, never fear, Tom is working on it and should have it functioning in short order.  Just one of the many things VP Cooke does for our HOA. Thanks, Tom. 

Reminder that the primary elections will take place on Tuesday, August 28.  Lillian Sako has thoughtfully volunteered to provide transportation to the polls for EE residents who are unable to drive.  You can contact her at 928-651-3848.   

How About The Weather
Oscar Wilde said: "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative." But it's the middle of August and a slow news week here in EE. So, for those interested in the 2012 monsoon season, here are the statistics based on readings reported for the GV Continental station. Total rainfall from June 15 through August 18 was 4.98 inches compared to 5.47 inches during the same period in 2011. Still over a month till the official end of the season, so there's still hope for more. 

Happy Birthday, Tucson
Today marks 237 years since the Spanish established the Presidio San Agustín de Tucsón, on August 20, 1775.

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