Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

August 2

Good Morning:

An article about our lamp head replacement program and conversion to total CFL lighting will appear on the Eco page in the Green Valley News this week, along with a photo of the new head. Many thanks to Denise Roessle, our new Periodico editor, for her help in obtaining this positive publicity for Esperanza Estates. The paper was quite interested in the story. For those not having access to the paper, here is the article:

Esperanza Estates, a 350 home neighborhood in the heart of Green Valley, has “gone green”.

The subdivision recently completed a program wherein each of its 331 street lights has been replaced with a new lamp head and a new 60 watt CFL bulb.  Although rated at 60 watts of output, the bulbs actually use only 13 watts of electricity.

The lamp head replacement program began because over the years the original street light heads had become dated and dilapidated, and it was no longer possible to obtain parts or new replacements.  Accordingly, home owners had replaced the original lights with a variety of different styles, thereby losing the original uniform look.

The subdivision directors felt this was the opportune time to replace all of the incandescent bulbs with the energy-saving CFL type.

Trico Electric Co-op, the utility serving the subdivision, has expressed an interest in this effort, and wants to use Esperanza Estates as a model for other subdivisions to do the same thing. Trico has advised the electric cost saving for Esperanza Estates by going to the new type bulb will exceed $600 per month.


Because the hose at the pool enclosure was a trip hazard, a new rack has been installed where it can be kept off the ground and coiled up. If you have occasion to use the hose there, please return it to the rack.

Monsoon report: 1 1/4 inches Tuesday (in about 20 minutes!); ¾ inch Thursday evening; 6/10 inch Friday evening. A bit over 4 ½ inches so far this monsoon here in EE. Humidity has been way up, and it doesn’t feel like “a dry heat” here now.

A key has been reported to have been found near the corner of Esperanza and Portillo. It is a brass key on a ring, bearing the initials KWI. Call 625-2415 to claim.

Board member Joe McCalpin is working through the GVCCC to try and get the county’s attention on the problem of sand washing onto our streets following monsoon storms.

Pretty quiet week in EE.

Have a good week.

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