Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

August 15

Good Morning:

An anonymous donor has made the HOA a gift of a chiminea for placement in Sunset Park.


If you happen to have any need for some sand--for your cat box, as a weight, or for any other purpose--we have plenty that has washed down in the recent monsoon, and can be found at the Portillo mouth of the Bridge Park wash. Help yourself. Take a bucket full, or a few tons. We have plenty to spare.


The Animal League of Green Valley requested we post this message:


The Animal League of Green Valley is looking for new volunteers - perhaps you might be able to help this all volunteer, non-profit, no kill shelter take care of its rescued cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. For as few as 3 hours a week, you can make a difference - by working directly with the animals, in the office or in The Attic Thrift Shop, a venture that supports the cause. Please call TALGV at 625-3170 or go to the website or come visit us at 1600 W. Duval Mine Rd. in Green Valley for more information. We're open 10:00 to 2:00 seven days a week. Look for us on Facebook too. Green Valley is a unique community - most of us have chosen to make a home here - now let's choose to help these animals find their homes. Our vision is A Home for Every Pet!


Long-time EE resident Richard "Dick" Davis passed away June 16. His funeral was in Vermont, on July 10. There will be a memorial service for Dick on August 20, from 2:30 until 3:30 at the Madera Room at La Vista, at La Posada.  Anyone who knew Dick is encouraged to attend and share in the celebration of his life.    


The April issue of the Periodico included an article about a few of the artists and artisans of Esperanza Estates.  The Periodico and a few volunteers are now planning to hold an Art Walk in the Ramada in early December.  This will be a great opportunity to see the work of our talented residents, and perhaps pick up a last minute holiday gift or two.  If you are interested in displaying your work at this event, please contact Cynthia Surprise at  


The first major attack on the common area weeds began last Thursday on our Esperanza Blvd. strip, which was getting pretty bad. This activity will continue on the common areas around the subdivision.  It will take some weeks to complete. Some private yards are beginning to look a bit rough as well, so we remind you of the obligation to take care of them, and the fact that if you don't, the HOA will, at your expense plus a penalty fee. The HOA does not wish to penalize anyone, so please take care of this yourself. 


About 2 inches of rain fell this past week.  


Have a good week.


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