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August 13, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Temporary Volunteer Needed For Movie Nights
Kevin Welsh is seeking a substitute to host the Saturday Night Movies until October. If you can help out with this, please call Kevin at (231) 838-6851 before Thursday or Tom Cooke at 399-0455 after Thursday. The movies are proving to be a very popular event and the audience has been growing.

Time Is Running Out
You only have three more weeks to cast your vote for the best EE Photo of the Year. The deadline is September 1. All contest entries are posted at the Ramada, in the June issue of the Periodico, and on the website. To cast your ballot, email Denise at or leave a message at 399-3312. Our neighborhood photographers will appreciate your support of their considerable talent.

Neighborhood Watch Is Watching Out For Us
Mary Beth Wallace, head of EE's Neighborhood Watch, contacted SW Gas after several residents expressed concern about individuals representing themselves as gas company employees who were researching the location of sewer lines. The individuals asked to enter the homes and see the sewer clean out. The fact that the homes didn't have a gas connection and that the crew was interested in the sewer caused the homeowners to question the situation.

SW Gas explained it has some crews in this area attempting to verify where sewer lines and gas lines transect. They recommended that residents check ID badges, which all SW Gas employees and contract companies are required to carry. If you encounter behavior that seems strange, please report it to your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain or to Mary Beth so that they can follow up. We appreciate their efforts.

Weeds Are On the Way Out!
Our wonderful weed spraying team is still at it, and will continue to fight the battle until all the common areas are in good shape. If the common area near you has not yet been sprayed, be assured it soon will be.

Small Dogs, Beware!
A resident has reported seeing a coyote on the walking trail next to Vereda Calma several times during the last week. Please be cautious if you and your human walk in that area.

Good Neighbor Policy
In a recent letter to the editor of the GV News, a GV resident commented on advertising flyers being left at area homes during the summer when many residents are away. EE hasn't been targeted with leaflets yet, but if you notice anything left at a house near you or that you pass on your daily walk, I'm sure your neighbor would appreciate it if you would remove it.

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