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Monday Morning Memo------------August 11th

Good Morning:

It will soon be Labor Day again (September 1st this year), which will mark our Hospitality Committee’s return to entertaining us, in their inimitable fashion. The plan is to begin at 4:30 that day, and it will be a pot luck. The Committee will supply utensils and set-ups; bring your own alcohol and a dish to share. This will undoubtedly be the first of many over the coming fall and winter months, so come and join us. These events are always fun, and a feast. Mark your calendar.

At the request of several residents, the following is a list of important phone numbers:

Emergency…………………….. 911

Sheriff……………............…… 547-6711

Sheriff (non-emergency)............ 741-4900

Border Patrol……….….......….. 877-HELP (or 514-4700)

Border Patrol hotline ............... 524-4662
    (for use only if you can monitor the illegals until the BP arrives)

Snake Removal………….......... 629-9200

Animal Control…………............743-7550

Poison Control……...............… 800-222-1222

Southwest Ambulance Medical Transportation has a program which may be of interest to many. Most people believe their health insurance plan will cover the entire cost of emergency ambulance transportation, but in most cases that is not correct and their plan pays only a portion of the expense. Under Southwest’s “Medcare” ambulance membership program, for a charge of $59.78 annually you or anyone in your family living under the same roof can be transported (when medically necessary) to an appropriate medical care facility as many times as needed. Call Southwest at 1-800-645-9413 for details.

Board member Ken Miller is presently at the Santa Rita Care facility on La Canada in Green Valley, recovering from a hospital stay.  Ken has served the HOA for 6 years, during which he has headed two of the most labor intensive and demanding Board committees, where he did an outstanding job.  Ken has donated countless hours for the betterment of EE during his residency. We wish Ken the best during his recovery.

Board member and HOA vice president Bruce Liljegren has also been ill recently with pneumonia, and we send wishes for a speedy recovery.

There will be a measure on the fall Arizona ballot designed to constitutionally outlaw the imposition of a real estate excise tax on the transfer of a home.  Local real estate agents warn voters to read the measure carefully, because a “No” vote on the measure is actually a “Yes” vote, which might allow some future legislature to impose such a tax.  No such tax is being considered at present, nor has one been proposed. This is a pro-active measure by the real estate industry.

Those who winter here have no doubt noticed the weed crop this year is the most prolific in years. We are on top of it, but with the monsoon season still on, it’s a tough call to know exactly when to attack with both barrels. If we are too early, we will have another crop after we spray -- so we are trying to make sure everything that is going to germinate will have already germinated by the time we go full force with spray.  Some spraying has started, but the full court press will wait a bit.

Have a good week. We hope for more rain soon!

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