Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

August 1

Good Morning:

Our Ramada gets little use this time of year except for those who stop by to connect to the Internet on our free Wi-Fi zone, or stop to visit a few minutes with friends. However it has been noted on our Ramada calendar that every Saturday night in the month of October is already signed up to host private parties. We expect this use to continue in the future, and we encourage it. This is OUR Ramada, and it is here for the use and enjoyment of all EE residents. Do you have a family reunion in mind, a birthday party, picnic, social gathering, club meeting, or something similar? If so, the Ramada is available. There are only a few simple rules for use, and no charge. Call 399-0455 for details, and then make your plans. Water, restrooms, a sound system and trash disposal are all available. Just another benefit of living in the best neighborhood in all of Green Valley.  


Copies of the 2011 EE Phone & Street Directory are still available. Call 399-0299 or email Mary Beth Wallace ( '' ) if you want to purchase a copy or two.  They're $3.00 each, or 2 for $5.00.


Did you know that Valley Assistance Services (VAS) has been helping Green Valley residents for the past 30 years?  Formerly known as Green Valley Assistance Services, VAS has changed its name to reflect the growing needs of our communities by providing "the helping hand forward" for many living in Green Valley--and surrounding communities. VAS has many programs that may be of interest to you, including Care Management, Benefits Check-Up, In-Home Volunteer support, Budget Assistance, and a Fall Prevention program ('Safety and Health in Motion'); the programs allow seniors to maintain their mobility and remain independent longer. Please call 625-5966 for further information on all of VAS's programs. 


The barrel barbecue in Esperanza Estates Park on Holgado has given up the ghost and had to be hauled off to the dump. The bottom had totally rusted out, rendering it useless.  The barbecue was a gift to the HOA a number of years ago from the late Bill Milne, and it had cooked more than its share of burgers, chicken, and hotdogs during Park functions, and was a very unique item. We hate to lose it.


Our post-monsoon weeds are appearing earlier than normal this year, both in the common areas and private yards. The HOA will deal with the common areas, but it is the responsibility of each owner to take care of their property. We ask that you take care of the weeds in your own yards, and be mindful of the Board resolution which states that if the owner doesn't handle it, the HOA will do so at the owner's expense, plus a surcharge of up to 50% of the cost of the service. The HOA does not wish to engage in this activity, or to penalize anyone--but will enforce this rule. So, please handle it yourself.


It has been noted that there are a few street lights in EE that stay on continuously, even during the daylight hours. Failing to go off automatically at dawn indicates a bad sensor, which needs replacement. Please check your light to see if it is on during the day time. If so, take corrective measures. The editor has a list of people who can change a sensor, and it involves only a nominal charge. The HOA policy of replacing the light bulb at no charge doesn't apply to bulbs that wear out because of 24 hour a day operation. If you are away for the summer, please ask a neighbor or your property caretaker to check your street lamp to assure it is operating normally (not during the daytime).  If you don't have someone to do it, call (520) 399-0455 and it will be checked for you.


Due to an unusual number of fatalities on I-19 over the past 7 months, the Arizona Highway Patrol has announced a "zero tolerance" policy for traffic infractions from now until an unannounced future date. If you drive on this highway, obey the rules. 


Welcome back, Marvol!


Have a good week.


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