Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

July 6

Good Morning:

The two hundred and thirty-third birthday of the United States was celebrated on July Fourth at Sunset Ramada by about 70 people who attended and enjoyed the Hospitality Committee's always wonderful hospitality, and a great picnic meal. We had a near catastrophe when our old work-horse barbeque decided not to work at the outset of the evening, but were able to borrow another and the show went on.

Our honored guests were Len and Jeanne Barzan, who have been strong supporters of the HOA, and very active in the movement to improve our neighborhood for the past many years they have lived in EE . A cake and ice cream were enjoyed in their honor, and we said good bye to them in style. We send them our very best for the future, and the wish to take with them the fact that they will always be remembered fondly in EE.

The Fourth of July event will be the last hurrah of the Hospitality Committee until this fall. They did a splendid job over this past year in putting on many enjoyable events for us.

Winner of the contest on the date of the first storm of the 2009 monsoon producing at least one quarter inch of rain was Tom Cooke, who guessed July 3--when 11/16 inch fell. He donated the winnings back to the Ramada project. At the Fourth of July function many more tickets for the second phase of this competition were sold, and at the first function following the end of the monsoon season the winner will be determined and the prize presented. Many thanks to Melodye and Sheila for selling the tickets for this event.

Plans are underway to redo portions of the concrete Ramada floor which have become somewhat worn, in the kitchen area and at the west end of the facility. This will not involve any of the brick flooring--only those portions that are concrete. The project will take 5 to 7 days to complete, as it involves numerous steps that have to be done in a specific order. The work will be done by volunteers, and financed by our Enhancement Team. Those doing the planning and participating are Barb McCalpin, Geri Lindberg, Joe McCalpin, Jim Lindberg, and Tom Cooke. Use of the Ramada will be restricted during the time the work is underway, but both pool entrances will continue to be useable.

Although it appeared all of the tile facing trim on the new counter had already fallen off and been reattached, some more has been found and will need to be refastened.

Have a good week. 2009 monsoon rains so far: 3/16 inch on Monday, June 29; 11/16 inch on July 3--so nearly an inch so far. We hope your Fourth of July holiday was as enjoyable as ours.

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