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Monday Morning Memo------------July 28th

Good Morning:

For those who use Saguaro Environmental Services--another change, back to the way it was before. They now advise that effective with the week of July 28th (this week), the trash AND recycle pickup will be on Thursdays. Why did they ever change it in the first place, only to now change it back? Who knows? But don’t put anything out today!

Kudos to Stoney Brown and Bob Hunton for cleaning up the gravel that our recent “gully washer” washed out onto lower del Sur from the alleyway. A request has been made to Pima County through the GVCCC for a cleanup of the sand that has washed down on lower Napa, as it is a bit beyond the capability of our usual volunteers. Interestingly, a part of this sand has found its way into a construction project at a nearby residence.

All current issues of the Periodico have now been posted to our website, esperanzaestates.net We will be able to keep them current in the future through the efforts our new master, Craig Surprise, who is working closely with our Periodico editor Arleen Boyuls.

Craig has also taken steps to make our website much more “visible” to people doing searches on Google or other search engines. And he is researching the best manner of getting our Forum feature up and running again, in such a manner that the security is enhanced in order to keep out the hackers that were getting into the Forum and posting advertisements.

There is an interesting story about our EE resident golf professional, Marvol Barnard, in last Wednesday’s issue of the Green Valley News and Sun. Marvol is the wife of Board member Sam Barnard, and teaches golf at Haven Golf Club where she has been an instructor for the past 8 years. She is one of only 180 women in the entire country with both LPGA and PGA credentials and certifications. This October, Marvol will continue her very popular 3 hour school that takes and instructs golf students from putter to driver. You can reach her for further information or lessons at 591-1475. You can read the article by going to our website, www.esperanzaestates.net and clicking on “links”, then on the GV News logo and the Sports tab.

Our spa is now working again. The problem apparently was an electrical surge that caused a malfunction in the heating unit.

Have a good week.

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