Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

July 27th

Good Morning:

The Pima County Health Department recently conducted their annual inspection of our pool, and we passed with high marks. Thanks to all of our volunteers who help keep our pool area neat and clean, full of water, and tested daily. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Work is still ongoing on the Ramada floor refurbishment project. It had been anticipated that it would be completed by now, but due to some technical problems that arose, additional completion work is needed. The Ramada will reopen for use as soon as the work has been finalized. Pool/Spa use is not impacted.

On August 3, long-time EE resident Sheila Bennen will move to La Posada. Sheila, during her tenure here served three terms on the Board, where she was HOA Treasurer, GVCCC representative, and chaired many ad hoc projects and committees. She has been active with all Board committees and has been a strong supporter, both personally and financially, of every HOA activity over the past decade. We are going to miss Sheila greatly, and hope to see her back here now and again as an honorary member of our EE community. She will always be welcome. Sheila’s Birthday is July 29, and we send her our best regards for that occasion.

The following note was received from Norma Stanley, who asked that it be printed in the Memo:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my Esperanza friends after the death of my son, Jeff Swanson, who recently lost his battle with cancer. Your kind expressions of sympathy have helped me so much during this difficult period in my life.
How fortunate to have such wonderful friends! Thank you --
Norma Stanley

A large Palo Verde tree in a common area near the intersection of Portillo and Vereda Calma blew over Tuesday evening in the wind storm, falling right over the EE trail segment that receives the most use. It was cleaned up by noon of that day, and required 4 dump trips to have it entirely hauled away.

Buffelgrass has gotten to be quite a problem in our desert areas, and we have much of it in the areas surrounding EE. Here is some information from the GVCCC about a workshop that will be held tomorrow on this topic:


Now is the time to kill it!

Buffelgrass can be killed by spraying only during its six week growing period. That is now! We can act… or wait another year. Buffelgrass doubles every year and crowds out our precious native Sonoran Desert plant life. It also burns at 1550 degrees, twice the temperature of most grasses, killing Saguaros and other signature desert plants.

Join us to learn more about this Green Valley menace from the experts. Bring samples for identification from your own HOA or property. Together we will learn how to deal with this and other unwanted, destructive grasses.

When: Tuesday, July 28 from 9:00-10:00 AM

Where: Green Valley Fire District headquarters at Camino Del Sol & Camino Encanto

Speakers: Travis Bean, University of Arizona’s Biotech Department
                   and Battalion Chief William Rowe

Sponsored by: GVCCC Environmental Committee and the Green Valley Fire District

GVCCC also sends the following reminder on another topic:

Please remind your homeowners that the Green Valley Lions Club recycles paper and aluminum cans. They are one of the many Green Valley non-profit organizations that give so much to good causes and charities. They need more people to bring their recyclables to their location across from the Library – they need to have more trailer loads than just once a month or they will lose the service. They are open from 8:30 – 11:30.

Information on the new east frontage road project is available from the GVCCC, if the project will impact you. Call 648-1936. One item of note is that the northbound exit road from the freeway to Continental will be closed for about 8 months, beginning August 3.

Welcome back, Stoney and Nancy!

Have a good week.  No significant rainfall this past week.

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