Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

July 25

Good Morning:

On August 10th at 11:00 AM there will be a meeting with a Verizon Wireless representative at the SAV office.  All Neighborhood Watch Area Leaders and Block Captains have the opportunity to sign up with Verizon Wireless at SAV discounted rates. You are welcome to come and get more information and compare to what you are now using.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Burt at 625-8743.


We've gotten reports from some of our winter residents about temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast during the past week that have rivaled those in Arizona.  Temperatures close to 100 degrees with near 80 percent humidity in the Boston area reportedly made for a very uncomfortable week there, while Newark, NJ recorded a record high temperature of 108 degrees, the hottest ever in the state's largest city.


Protecting our PC's, notebooks, tablets, eReaders, and other Internet-connected devices from the damaging effects of viruses, malware, and a whole host of other malicious programs is an ongoing challenge.  The latest attempts by Google, the search-engine giant, to identify infected devices and notify their owners are discussed in a recent article (click the link to read the story.)  It's worth taking a few minutes to read the article and perform some of the recommended steps; e.g., verifying that you have the latest versions of anti-virus and malware detection programs on your devices, performing scans for viruses and malware, and taking corrective action if any problems are reported.  If you've been ignoring warnings from your anti-virus program that your license is due (or past-due!) for renewal, or from your malware detection program that its database is out of date, take this as an opportunity to get-with-it and make sure your system is fully protected.  (Best thing: you can do everything that's suggested in the article from the cool comfort of your air-conditioned house, from the shade of your patio or ramada -- even at the pool or Ramada, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and investigate available programs and updates.)


If you have not seen the new statuary at the round-about on Continental, it is worth a look. Public art in Green Valley has been controversial, and sometimes roundly criticized, but the new sculpture mentioned is quite pleasing.


Very quiet around EE nowadays. Nothing official going on. Waiting out the summer and enjoying the monsoon, which has been fairly active lately. Well over an inch of  beautiful and welcomed rain this week--and no "gully washers" yet. The weeds won't be far behind.  


The editor acknowledges with thanks the contributions of our EE webmaster, Craig Surprise, for much of the contents of this issue of the Memo. 


Have a good week


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