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July 23, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Goodbye to the Sawins
Kathy and Keith Sawin will be leaving EE and moving to Milwaukee at the end of the month to be near their family. A special thanks to Kathy for sharing her artistic talent with us by making our landmark ceramic Arizona flag and inspiring so many residents to create our now famous mosaic snake. Her contributions to EE are invaluable. We wish Kathy and Keith well. They will be missed.

Who Is That?
Don't let people wonder who you are when you attend one of the many EE socials. Order your magnetic, easy to wear name tag now. Melodye Cooke will be placing the next order for name tags this week, and another order will not go in until September. The cost is a nominal $6.00. To place your order, contact Melodye today at 399-0455 or by email at

Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Welsh (with long distance consultation by Craig Surprise and Eric Ellingson) the Wi-Fi service at the Ramada has been fully restored.

Movie Night
The number of attendees at the Saturday night movies at the Ramada has been growing. Last Saturday there were 21. The convenience of seeing a great old movie without a long drive is another nice benefit of living in EE. Thanks to the EE Arts Club for organizing this event.

There will not be a movie next Saturday, July 28, because projectionist Kevin Welsh and his wife, Linda, will be off celebrating their anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

Monsoon Margaritas
There was no monsoon on Saturday, but that didn't detract from the success of EE's Monsoon Margaritas. A nice group of about 40 people enjoyed margaritas and snacks. Thanks to Melodye Cooke for bringing a 7 layer dip of which not a morsel was left, and to Kevin Welsh for providing the music. A big round of applause for the Cookes and the Millers for sponsoring this event, as they do the monthly Coffee & Donuts during the cooler months.

They're Baaaack!
Welcome back Tom & Melodye Cooke, who have returned from their road trip adventure. Tom has now resumed his daily patrols of EE, troble-shooting any problems that arise. We are always amazed by how much this guy does for us. Thanks to Bruce Liljegren who filled in while Tom was away.

War On Weeds
This spring EE, launched its war on weeds, and we are pleased to report that the "good guys" are winning. The many hours Tom Cooke and Boyd Morse spent spraying pre-emergent in the common areas battlefield has paid off. Many areas which are generally in bad shape by this time of year are currently weed free. Ever vigilant, Tom and Boyd have noticed some weed development in a couple of areas and have a plan to deal with them.

This duo is also ready to assist GVC in its battle against bufflegrass. Although it has been determined that we don't have any bufflegrass in EE, some has been found just outside our boundary in Arroyo 9. Tom and Boyd will take care of this at the appropriate time to keep the bufflegrass from infiltrating our neighborhood.

Our thanks to Tom and Boyd for their unceasing efforts to keep our neighborhood looking good.

News For Residents Who Are Away
In May, we noted that Pima County planned to remove the large mesquite tree in the median on Esperanza Blvd. and La Canada. The tree was removed last week and the intersection looks quite different without it. Median Green says it plans to replant the area.

Here's an update for those who were following the saga of the hawks nesting in the pine tree next to the Ensalmo cul-de-sac this spring. Two young birds have now fledged but are still being fed by the parents. They spend a lot of time in the Duncans' trees, and may be responsible for knocking down their birdbath several times. The Beans' patio is another favorite hangout. Neighbors are finding them fun to watch.


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