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Esperanza Estates

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Monday Morning Memo--------------July 21st

Good Morning:

Residents who have dogs they walk in and near Esperanza Estates are asked to kindly follow the rule requiring their dog’s excrement to be picked up and transported to their own facility for disposal. It is NOT to be placed in any trash receptacle in any common area. Unfortunately, dog waste has become a problem once again, and hence this reminder. Leaving dog waste not only violates our CC&R’s, but Pima County health regulations as well. Should you observe a violator, please give them a reminder that it is their responsibility--not ours-- to police up after their dog.

The spa is temporarily down, due to a heating unit malfunction. It has been reported and should be repaired today

Kudos to Steve “Stoney” Brown, who spent a couple days cleaning off the sand and debris that the recent rains had washed onto Portillo and lower Napa. Stoney is one of our resident workhorses, who is always doing something good for the appearance of our subdivision. Unfortunately, the rather ferocious rains we had Saturday evening (which totaled 2 inches on middle Napa) undid all of his efforts, and deposited more sand on these streets then we have seen in about 3-4 years. It also washed considerable gravel down the alleyway onto lower del Sur.

Weeds in the pool enclosure have been sprayed recently, and should be disappearing soon. A considerable weed crop has been observed sprouting all over the subdivision--thanks largely to the rains. These will be treated in due course.

Have a good week. Pretty good monsoon season so far.

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