Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

July 11

Good Morning:

The Hospitality Committee's Fourth of July party was well attended by about 70 people--a good turnout for this time of year in EE. The temperature dipped to a balmy 87 degrees, and the attendees were  treated to about 20 minutes of a decent rainfall--one of the first for this monsoon. It was a fun event, and the Committee had the Ramada decorated with flags and bunting, and red, white and blue tablecloths. A fine meal and appropriate libations topped it all off. Many thanks to our hard working Hospitality Committee. 


Charlie and Sally Elliot, who were thanked in the Memo last week for putting American flags on the mailboxes on Napa above and below Portillo, have advised they didn't decorate the boxes below Portillo, and were uncertain as to just who did. Some further investigation determined that our own Neighborhood Watch chairperson, Mary Beth Wallace, along with a few of her cohorts, were the parties due the thanks. So, many thanks be to them for adding to our celebration of the nation's birthday and our pride in our national flag.  


CareMore Care Center at 191 W Esperanza Blvd. is having a Shred It! Day on July 28 at 10:00 a.m. in their parking lot.  No charge.


Please keep an eye on your street lamp. Our CC&R's require these be maintained by the owner in working condition. However, the HOA will supply new light bulbs as needed when they burn out through use, at no charge. Call 399-0455 for a replacement. If the problem is other than a bulb, the onus is on the owner to repair the fixture.  


Found: Two keys, at the pool/Ramada area. One appears to be a pool gate key and the other a house key. Call 399-0455 to claim same.


Have a good week.  So far, a couple of "teaser" rains, and two pretty good monsoonal storms last Thursday and Sunday. The Thursday storm left a bit better than a half inch, and the Sunday, a full inch. We keep hoping for more.


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