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June 4, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ
Art Club Today
The EE Art Club meets today at 9 am in the Ramada.  Bring your ideas, creativity and planning skills.
Early Bird Pickleball
Pickleball enthusiasts will begin meeting at 7 am this week to beat the heat.  Join them on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday if you're interested in learning this popular pastime.
Palm Trimming at the Pool
The EE pool  and hot tub will be closed for a short time on Tuesday morning.  Monstrosity Tree Service plans to begin trimming palms in the pool area at 7:30 am.   The pool and hot tub will be covered during the trimming to minimize debris in the water.
Restroom Construction Update
The restrooms are almost finished. Kudos to Ben Sheffield and Kevin Welsh who built the roof and installed the skylights and vents this week while the temperature topped 100 degrees.  That's dedication!  Roof coating and plumbing installation is scheduled for this week.  Thanks also to the anonymous resident who has donated tile for the walls and floor.  
Substitute Pool Watcher
Tom Cooke is away for a few days, but pool users need not worry.  Del Bean is checking on the pool daily and will handle any issues in Tom's absence.  Call him at 777-8658 if you have questions or problems. Thanks, Del! 
Flags on Napa
The residents of Circulo Napa thank Bruce Moulton and Ben Sheffield for their assistance in getting their new flags out for Memorial Day.   
Great Party
The weather for the annual Memorial Day Potluck was delightful, the food was tasty, and the company was congenial.  In short, a good time was had by all.  Thanks to the Hospitality Committee for everything they do to make these gatherings a great success.   
Trim, Trim, Trim
Monsoon season is almost upon us, so if you have not yet made arrangements to have your tall palms trimmed, please do not delay. Tall palms are lightning magnets, and every year we hear reports of fires in untrimmed palms.  Keep in mind that if you don't have them trimmed, the HOA will have it done at your expense plus a surcharge.   Many thanks toDean Hess, who as Common Areas Chair is overseeing the trimming of the palms in our common areas. Did you know there are over 100 palms in Esperanza Estates?
Computer Topics
Our webmaster, Craig Surprise, is heading east and won't be available to answer computer questions in person until the fall.  In the meantime, he suggests checking out the self-paced computer classes available on the Pima County Library's website.  There are 13 interesting topics such as cloud computing, digital books, Skype, and Gmail.  To go to the library's website, click here

Don't Lose Your Internet Connection on July 9
Before July 9th, go to the DCWG.ORG web-site ( to see if your PC or laptop computer has been taken over by a malware program designed to cut off your Internet connection.  This issue has been reported extensively in the news over the last few months, so we won't go into the details here. Questions? Email Craig (

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