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June 3, 2013        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Ice Breaking on the Santa Cruz?
June definitely came in like a lion--but minus the fur coat. No matter whose gauge you used--the temperature finally broke 100 here in Green Valley on June 1. No more sow cows, triple axels or Lutzes this summer. The only ice for the rest of 2013 is likely to be in a glass.

EE Movies Going to the Dogs
Is your dog feeling bored these days with fewer friends to greet on daily walks? We have just the solution to perk up your pet! This Wednesday, June 5, is Bring Your Dog Night to the weekly movie. Starting time is 7:30, perfectly timed for the end of the evening walk. The film will be the well known Lady and the Tramp. Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a jaunty, freedom-loving mutt with a heart of gold, share romance and adventure despite their night-and-day backgrounds in this classic slice of Disney animation.
Of course, if your dog has already seen the movie or would prefer to stay home and read a good book, you are welcome to come on your own. Popcorn will be available, but please bring your own doggie treats.
Linda and Kevin Welsh will be taking a short break for a couple of weeks, so there will be no movie nights on June 12 or June 19.

Time to Trim the Tall Ones
The Board would like to remind homeowners that palm trees must be trimmed by June 30. Those dry, brown branches pose a serious fire hazard once the lightning storms of the monsoon season begin. Each homeowner is responsible for having trees on their property trimmed. Any trees not trimmed by July1 will be contracted out for trimming by the HOA and cost plus 50% will be assessed.

Website Updated
After an uneventful but enjoyable cross-country trip, our webmaster is back at his computer and has updated the EE website with the most recent Monday Morning Memos and Board meeting minutes.

Community Services
Joe McCalpin reports he recently attended a meeting about services available to residents of Green Valley who need assistance of some sort in their daily lives. It was put on by the "Collaborative Care Advocates," comprised primarily of professional caregivers who are trying to coordinate the service providers in the Green Valley area. They represent Casa Community Services, Valley Assistance Services and Friends In Deed. Joe will write a more complete report for the June Periodico, but wanted to let EE residents know about one of the services provided by Friends In Deed. They provide a variety of transportation services into Tucson and around Green Valley and will even take you shopping if you need it. The latest venture is transport into Tucson to Trader Joe's and Sprouts.

Keep A Lookout
Several EE residents have reported thefts of Talavera items that were displayed in front of their homes. Please keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, or unfamiliar vehicles, around the neighborhood, especially during the next few months when many residents are on vacation.

For Residents Who Are Away
If you have been away for a few weeks, you may not be aware of a new procedure being used by our mail carriers. They are placing rubber bands around the mailbox clasps to identify homes where mail is not being delivery. Several EE residents have expressed concern that this announces a vacant house. The Green Valley Post Office has told Mary Beth Wallace that any homeowner who wants the band removed from their box must call (520-625-4421) or visit the post office to make their request. If you do so, you can then contact Mary Beth ( and she will check your box to be sure the band has been removed.

Celebrity Kitty Desires Temporary Residence
Schwartz (aka Schultz) Cooke is seeking a temporary home from July 15 through August 15. Recently the subject of a Periodico biography, he is a friendly house cat with no bad habits. He'd be willing to pay a daily fee for room and board. Please contact Schartz's current caretakers, Tom and Melodye Cooke, at 399-0455 if you are interested in the privilege of having this fine feline in your home.

On the Road with the Periodico
Traveling this summer?  Whether it's to an exotic spot or a visit to family, bring a copy of the Periodico with you and send in a photo of you holding the Periodico at your vacation spot.  If you don't have a hard copy, you can print out the first page of the latest Periodico from the EE website at  Email the photos to or deliver them to 801 Circulo Napa.

In a Hurry?
Just a bit late today? Don't want to be the last one in the door? Lift that lead foot off the gas pedal. Just keep in mind that local law enforcement is targeting speeders in an attempt to reduce accidents. They're presently keeping close watch on La Canada from Esperanza to Duval Mine Road.

Request from a New Homeowner
Cornelia Bayley, a new EE homeowner, has asked us to pass along this message: "I understand that people are curious and interested in the house or in contacting the workers doing the work on it.  However, I am concerned about having people I don't know walk right in whether I am there or not. I would greatly appreciate it if people would extend me the courtesy of asking permission before just walking through the property. Thanks."


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