Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

June 29th

Good Morning:

Donít forget the Hospitality Committeeís plans for the Fourth of July. It will be held at Sunset Ramada, beginning at 4:30 on the Fourth, with a BYOB cocktail hour. They will serve an Italian sausage with assorted peppers, baked beans, potato salad, cake and ice cream, at a meager cost of only $5.00. You should RSVP for this event, by calling Scottie at 399-0955. Come out and help celebrate our nationís Birthday. This old fashioned event is always a good time.

Honored guests of the HOA and the Hospitality Committee on the Fourth will be Len and Jeanne Barzan, who have lived in EE for many years, but who have recently sold their home and are making plans to relocate. Jeanne and a few other concerned residents started a group they called N.E.E.T. (Neighborhood Environment Enhancement Team) in 1998 to enhance and make improvements to our subdivision, and worked hard to make it a success. From this original group, after a few names changes, came our present Esperanza Enhancement Team. N.E.E.T. and its successors have compiled a strong record of solid accomplishments in EE, and all of us who live here owe them a great deal. In addition, Jeanne served on the EE Board, and both she and Len have been strong supporters of the HOA and all of its committees. She was also the first recipient of the EE Volunteer of the Year Award. This will be our chance to honor them and to say goodbye.

Gamblers and Handicappers: Interested in a fun gamble? At the Fourth of July festivities, chances will sold for one buck each for two events: the date of the first monsoon rainfall producing one quarter inch or more, (if it has not happened by that date) and the total rainfall for the monsoon this year which accumulates by the period ending September 15. Winners will be awarded half the total pot. The other half will go toward additional sun/wind screens for the Ramada. Official totals from the local governmental weather station will be used to determine the winners. See Melodye or Sheila at the festivities to buy a chance.

About 40 Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, assistants and other interested persons heard a presentation Saturday at Sunset Ramada by Dick Phillips, a retired law enforcement officer and member of the Green Valley chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The presentation was arranged by NW member Chuck Townsend, and explained the Minutemanís program and function as an aid to the US Border Patrol in this area. Included in the presentation was an admonition to report all suspicious activity to appropriate law enforcement, and allow them to make the determination as to its significance. Many thanks to both Chuck and Mary Beth Wallace, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chairperson, who set up the meeting and provided coffee and donuts to the attendees.

Several shrubs that were in the process of dying have been removed from the pool enclosure, and will be replaced by something nicer.

One of our Board committees (Joe McCalpin, Bob Hunton and Bruce Liljegren) has compiled a map with photos showing the worst potholes and areas of our streets, for a presentation to the GVCCC with the hopes we can command enough of the Countyís attention to at least get a little patching done on these particularly bad areas.

Several additional pieces of the vertical tile trim on the new Ramada counter have fallen off, but have been repaired by Paul Rowland, one of our excellent resident handymen. It appears with this last episode that every piece of the vertical tile has now fallen off and been replaced, and a mastic is now being used which should end the problem.

The June Board meeting was the last until September. Per our CC&Rís, the Board is in recess during July and August. Regular monthly Board meetings will commence September 21. Board members are still available by phone for assistance when needed.

Our public transportation system in Green Valley, known as the Sun Shuttle, is nearing the end of two months of operation and ever so slowly the use by GV residents is increasing. Good news, Sun Tran Accessible Rider Training (START) will be here in Green Valley Tuesday, July 14, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Las Campanas Recreation Center. The training helps seniors and individuals with disabilities learn how to utilize Sun Tran service independently. Training covers several areas associated with bus travel, including understanding route maps and schedules, trip planning and traveling with mobility devices. The training session also includes first-hand experience riding the shuttle bus. Information about riding Sun Tran (Tucson service) will also be provided. This is open to the general public. To reserve your seat, please call Lisa Theisen at 206-8881.

There are three (3) routes serving the Green Valley area that will take you to the main shopping areas, medical offices, GVR facilities and other businesses along their routes. There is also a route that will take you into Tucson and you can transfer from there to the Airport or other business locations. For those residents who need it, the Sun Shuttle will pick you up at your front door with twenty-four hour (24) advance notice. For schedule or fare information, please give Sun Tran a call at 792-9222. And, donít forget START Ė a great opportunity for first-hand experience.

Watch for the June Periodico, which should be out this week. It will be the last issue until September.

There will be a construction kick-off meeting for the long awaited I-19 East Frontage Road: Canoa to Continental for Thursday, July 2, 2009 from 2:00 to 3:30 with a presentation at 2:15. The meeting will be held at the Continental Shopping Plaza, 210 W. Continental Road, Suite 248. The facility is located on the northwest corner of I-19 and Continental next to the True Value store. The meeting room is on the 2nd Floor.

Kudos to our webmaster and all around electronics guru Craig Surprise for tuning up our Ramada sound system recently, as well as helping us with numerous other projects.

Remember those untrimmed palms, and a word to the wise; have them trimmed, or the HOA will do it for you at your expense and a surcharge.

Two new benches are being obtained for use at the tennis court, needed due to the expansion of the Friday tennis program.


Have a good week. Still awaiting the monsoon.

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