Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

June 15, 2009

Good Morning:

The regular June Board Meeting will be held today at the Sunset Ramada, beginning at 1:00pm. All residents are invited to attend. An agenda appears below this edition of the Memo.

The Love Stories of Esperanza Estates--This project is coming along, with five stories already in and three or four in progress. We need about 20 more. These stories can be about any sort of love- that for another person, a pet, an idea, a work of art- you decide. The Editor, Sandy Reed (393-1427), will be around all summer. If you don't enjoy writing, he will be glad to compose your story for you. All it takes is an hour or two with him, which can include a coffee, tea or gin tonic. Give it a try; you'll enjoy the results.

And yes, I am mentioning getting your Palm Trees trimmed once again. I have the ones in my yard scheduled to be trimmed next week. Don't delay in getting it scheduled. The Monsoon is right around the corner and we all know what a fire hazard these trees can be when left untrimmed.

A reminder from Mary Beth Wallace that the Neighborhood Watch Block Captains/Assistants meeting is Sat. 6/27 at 9:30am at the Ramada. Dick Phillips, a retired law enforcement officer and currently Director of the GV Chapter of Minutemen Civil Defense Corp. is the speaker. Short meeting following his talk. All residents also invited. Coffee and donuts too!

Remember the party coming up on July 4th at our Sunset Ramada. 4:30pm Cocktails (BYOB), Italian Sausage w/Assorted Peppers, Baked Beans and Potato Salad, Cake and Ice Cream too!
Cost: $5.00.
RSVP: Scottie Blum 399-0955; Sam Barnard 648-5925.

That's it for this edition of the MMM. Have a good week. Tom will be back in this chair next week.


Scroll down for Board Agenda.

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Esperanza Estates Home Owners Association
Sunset Ramada Agenda for Board Meeting
June 15,2009

l. 1:00pm Call to order--recognition of new members

ll. Announcements: Board Members Tom Cooke and Sam Barnard Have excused absences for today's meeting

lll. Acceptance of the April Minutes

lV. Treasurer's Report--Joan Moreaux
     Committee Reports:
       Architectural Committee--Bob Hunton
       Capital Projects--Barb McCalpin
       Common Area Maintenance--Steve 'Stoney' Brown
       GVCCC--Report by Joe McCalpin and Robert Hunton on a meeting that they attended, in place of traveling Tom Cooke, this morning. This meeting, and others like it are being set up between neighboring HOA presidents to look at common areas of needs and concerns. Bruce Liljegren will report that regular Monthly meetings of GVCCC are suspended as usual for June, July and Aug.
       Neighborhood Relations--No Report
       Recreational Facilities--Bruce Liljegren for Tom Cooke
       Hospitality--Scottie Blum
       Neighborhood Watch--Mary Beth Wallace
       Esperanza Enhancement--Geri Lindberg

V. Old Business--

Vl. New Business--

Vll. ADJOURNMENT There are no Board Meetings in July and August.
 The next Board Meeting is in September

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