Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

June 13

Good Morning:

(This MMM edited by Joe McCalpin; Tom Cooke is on vacation.)

Well, the dog days are here and no monsoon clouds in sight.   The weather is actually very nice; mid 90's with a nice afternoon breeze.

Monstrosity Tree Service has finished trimming the palm trees and they look much better, kind of like when you tried to give your male child a haircut for the first time.  After that rough winter we were all concerned that they might not come back.  Now you know why they thrive here.  Nearly all of the palms on private property have been trimmed, just a couple have not.  Homeowners are responsible for trimming palms on their own property.  Every year this issue arises.

When Monstrosity comes in to trim the trees on common ground, they will also trim trees on private property if arrangements are made by the homeowner.   This little action will save the homeowner about half the cost.  If you don't have the trees trimmed, the Board will arrange to have it done and it will cost you more in the long run.

The Pima County flood control folks brought us a pair of straw wattles and installed them in the wash that dumps all that sand onto Portillo. These devices will retard the flow of sand onto the street.  That sand acts as a grinding wheel tearing up the street.

As an additional aid, Hot Desert Landscaping has removed about a billion cubic feet of sand from that site.  The sand was transported to an area near the tennis/pickleball courts.  Whenever volunteers have shoveled sand off the street, the problem was always where to put the d@#**ed stuff. Hopefully these measures will help.

Socially, there is a vacuum that will exist until September. The good news is Agave has their meals priced at 25$ for two, including a glass of wine. The prime rib is rare, yum.

Have a good week,


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