Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

May 4th

Good Morning:

Remember the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta tomorrow (Tuesday) at Sunset Ramada.  The festivities begin at 4:30.  It will be a pot luck, so please bring your favorite Mexican dish to share.  The Hospitality Committee will provide all else, including utensils, drinks including appropriate alcohol, such as Margueritas and cervesa (that is beer, for you Gringos!) soft drinks, music, and a Piñata.  Dress in your bright colored shirts & dresses.  We look forward to a good turn out.  This is always a fun gathering, so plan on attending.  No charge on this one!  Profits from other Hospitality Committee functions pay for the freebees, so we try to support them all.

Remember the pool and spa and areas within the enclosure will be closed from May 11 until about May 15 while the cool decking is being redone. This work was originally scheduled to begin May 4, but was rescheduled because of the desirability of having access to the restrooms during Cinco de Mayo.

Although our sound system speakers at Sunset Ramada have been up for only a short time, we have already had to remove two birds nests from the tops. This had been a concern all along--which now seems to bear out as having been a valid one. We have a plan to deal with birds on the shelf where the amplifier and other electronic components are situated with a screen arrangement, but on the speakers, it appears only vigilance is going to keep ahead of the birds.

The fountain in Sunset Park had malfunctioned due to a broken internal water line, but has been repaired.

Be sure and let the Periodico distribution manager (Charl Petry) know when you leave so the monthly distribution at your home will stop. An unrecovered Periodico in the door is one of the signs the home is vacant, and could invite burglars. Call Charl at 648-2541.

The following was received from the GVCCC office:

Please let your residents know that there will be an interesting speaker at our regularly scheduled Environmental Committee meeting on Thursday, May 7 at 9:00 in the conference room #13 which is next to our offices here at the Green Valley Village.  The speaker is Sharon Olbert of the Nature Conservancy.  She will be speaking about “Preserving Arizona’s Biological Diversity”, especially on protecting two of Arizona’s free-flowing rivers.

Tennis Players: A group of tennis players meet Wednesday and Friday mornings, beginning at 7:30 a.m. to play at the EE court. They are looking for new players, and invite you to join them. On Fridays, after tennis, they enjoy Mimosas (on a rotating host basis) and then go to breakfast at an area restaurant. Your skill level, if you know the basics, is not too important. This is a fun and social time, so come on over.

A few love stories have come in, but the EE group looking for these needs more. If you don’t like to write, they have an interviewer who will write it for you. Call Sandy Reed at 393-1427, or Melodye at 399-0455. This is a fun project and the stories will be compiled at the end of the project and published. We all have a love story in our background which the world is waiting to hear yours.

Have a good week. According to current weather reports, the ice should break on the Santa Cruz this week.

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