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May 28, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ
Memorial Day Potluck
Memorial Day is observed today, and our Hospitality Committee will hold EE's traditional Memorial Day potluck, starting at 4:30 at the Ramada.  Please bring a dish to share.  The Committee will provide wine, beer, soda and water.
Please remember the Food Bank bin at the Ramada, and bring a donation if you can.
Skyped Board Meeting
A first for our technologically savy HOA Board!  Thanks to the Ramada's WiFi connection and hours of work by our Webmaster, Craig Surprise, Board members Eric Ellingson and Stacie Meyer and residents Ken Adler and Bill Berdine successfully participated in the May Board meeting via Skype video conference call from their summer residences.  This is just another example of the creativity and innovation of our HOA.  Or, as Tom Cooke says, "In EE, we're always on the cutting edge."
During the meeting, the Board approved two owner applications for changes in wall height and tabled action on consideration of competitive bids from firms interested in contracting for common area maintenance.  Meeting minutes are available at
Ramada Screens
Our ramada sun screens, which have made social events comfortable regardless of the weather, were recently adjusted.  If you raise or lower the screens, please remember the technique is to hold the crank rod perpendicular to the screen and not canted off to the side, which may cause the plastic hook on the shade to break.
Open Courts on Saturday Mornings
Competitive pickleball meets have been suspended for the summer.  The courts are open to individual tennis or pickleball players on Saturday mornings during the summer.
Flags on Napa
Residents on upper Napa extend their thanks to Charlie & Sally Elliott, who have been decorating all of the mailboxes on upper Napa with American flags for the last few years.  The recent replacements arrived just in time for Memorial Day.
Restroom Construction Update
Great progress was made this past week as the walls went up.  You may notice that one of the rooms is larger than the other.  Ben and Jim designed it that way to create space for a storage closet for mops and supplies.
News Bulletin for Residents Who Are Away
If you have left Green Valley and don't read the GV News during the summer, you may want to note that the speed limit on parts of La Canada has been reduced from 40 to 35 mph.
New BBQ Grill
Thanks to the generous donation of funds by homeowners Paul and Kathy LaVanway, the HOA has purchased a shiny new, top of the line, stainless steel barbeque grill, which will last us for many years of events at the Ramada. We'll fire it up for the first time at our annual Fourth of July event. The graciousness and community spirit of people like Paul and Kathy adds so much to the Esperanza experience and to the exceptionalism of our neighborhood. 
Several residents who live alone recently told me how much peace of mind they get from receiving a daily morning call from Tele-Care checking that all is well. For more information or to register for the service, call Tele-Care at 625-9079. The service is free. A brochure about the program is posted on the bulletin board at the Ramada. (If you are interested in volunteering to call residents, call Tele-care.)
May Periodico
The May issue of the Periodico is now available.  If you didn't receive an email notice, you can read it by going directly to the website at
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