Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

May 16

Good Morning:

The regular monthly EE HOA Board meeting will be held today at the Ramada, starting at 1:00 p.m.  All residents are invited to attend. A meeting agenda follows this edition of the Memo.


The new pool furniture arrived last Wednesday. Thanks to Sam Barnard, Joe McCalpin, Cynthia & Craig Surprise, and Tom Cooke, the new furniture was unpacked, prepared, and put in place on Thursday morning. The old furniture was offered at a sale last Saturday. Some of it was sold and the balance will be donated to the White Elephant.


The Postal Letter Carriers' Food Bank collection this past Saturday appeared to be successful in our neighborhood, judging from the number of bags and boxes of goods in, on, and around numerous mailboxes. The GV Food Bank runs year-round and the need for donations continues throughout the summer, in spite of there being no scheduled events at the Ramada in July or August.  So, don't hesitate to drop off any non-perishable food items for the Food Bank at their location on Continental next to the Fire Station.



This just in from the Green Valley Council:


TOWN HALL - Legislative Update:

Senator Antenori and Representative Vogt will give us a review of the bills passed and signed by the Governor from this 50th session. We specifically asked them to cover the bills that affect HOAs. Stan Riddle's upcoming President letter mentions some of the bills that will be discussed. Also we want to hear about the bills that affect seniors.

Please plan to attend this very important update. This Town Hall will be on Friday, May20th at 2:00 p.m. at Las Campanas Recreation Center, 565 W. Belltower Drive.


Pretty quiet week in EE. 


Have a good week.


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Meeting Agenda-EEHOA, Inc.
May 16, 2011 Regular Board Meeting
Sunset Ramada, 1:00 p.m.

Announcements and Recognition of New Members

Quorum Determination

Approval of minutes of last meeting

Treasurer's Report: Joan Moreaux

Committee Reports:

Architectural: Craig Surprise

Capital Projects: Dean Hess

Common Areas: Stoney Brown

GVC: Joe McCalpin

Neighborhood Relations: Boyd Morse

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke--pool winter hours change; new pool furniture has arrived; discontinued water service at EE Park; problem of non-showering pool/spa users and new signs to combat; new rope lights in Ramada.
Hospitality: Sam Barnard or Rep.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace

Enhancement Team: Barb McCalpin

Old Business: law changes

New Business: possible acquisition of sign for events and notices; surcharge enactment for failure to care for yards & trees necessitating Board action; report-if any-of the paint color changes committee.

Miscellaneous Items: placement of heaters in the Ellingsons' garage over summer months.


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