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April 9, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Two Corrections to the April 2 Memo

The number to call for snake removal in your home or yard is: 629-9200.
The next meeting of the Public Art Club is today at 2:00 at the Ramada.

Burger Night
The last Burger Night of the season will be held tomorrow, April 10 at the Ramada.  Social hour begins at 4:30 and grilling at 5:00.  Hamburgers, cheeseburgers or veggieburgers, served with chips, a pickle and a drink for the nominal sum of $6.00.  Many residents are leaving soon, so this is a good chance to say good-bye.

Coffee & Donuts to Continue Through June 
Thanks to the generosity of Ken and Kay Miller, the monthly complimentary Coffee & Donuts will continue through June.  The next one will be held on Wednesday, April 18, at 8:30 a.m. at the Ramada.  No door prizes will be awarded at these extra three events, but the same wonderful camaraderie will be in evidence.

Community Food Bank Please remember the Community Food Bank Bin when you come to any Ramada function or are cleaning out your pantry before leaving for the season.  A bin marked 'Food Bank' will be left behind the counter in the Ramada to collect donations.  Thanks to Don and Pam Bjorkman for bringing EE's donations to the Food Bank.  The Feinstein Foundation is matching all donations in April, so your contributions are worth more this month.

Pickleball Hours Change
Due to the warmer weather, starting tomorrow, pickleball play will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Computer Group
A reminder that the next Computer Group meeting will be held on Friday, April 13 at 1:30 p.m. at the Ramada.  This is a great way to have your computer questions answered and learn some helpful tips.  New participants are welcome, especially novices who want to learn.  For more information, contact Craig Surprise at

April 16 Board Meeting Agenda
President Eric Ellingson has submitted this preview of the April 16 Board meeting:
"Courtesy of the Enhancement Committee we have a new projector which we will debut at the April 16th board meeting. This should greatly improve our ability to communicate past accomplishments, current progress and future plans to our homeowners. Dean Hess who is in charge of Common Area maintenance, will present photographs of accomplishments to date and of some future plans. Jim Lindberg will present a status report on progress on the Tennis Court Restroom project and Bruce Liljegren will give an introduction to the paint trim activity. As usual there will be an opportunity for Homeowners to ask questions and make comments concerning the operation of your HOA. We encourage your participation and attendance at these important meetings.

Photo Contest Deadline
The deadline to submit photos for the Periodico's Photo of the Month contest is April 16.  Submissions should be sent to

Important Notice Concerning EE Park Fire Pit 
From Dean Hess, Head of Common Areas:
"Due to the ongoing drought conditions and based on conversations with the Green Valley Fire Department, the new fire pit in Esperanza Park should not be used until after the hoped for monsoon season. With the dry condition of buffle grass, shrubs and trees in the arroyo running alongside Esperanza Blvd, the chance of a fire is too great. The EE HOA Board's Common Areas Committee will draft a set of guidelines for using the fire pit. The fire pit will be remade to be in compliance with Pima County's regulations for outdoor fire pits being no wider in diameter than 3 feet. To reiterate, until further notice, please remember that the Esperanza Park fire pit should not be used."

2013 Home and Garden Show
Enhancement and Gardeners are joining forces to plan an EE home and garden tour for March 2013.  Members of the joint committee meet this Thursday, April 12 at 9:30 am at the Ramada. If you'd like to show off your sense of style to our EE community, contact Jackie Rautio at 269-7864.  Tickets to the tour will be sold to residents of EE and their guests.

Bienvenidos Reception
The Bienvenidos Committee Reception last week welcomed many of our new residents to Esperanza Estates.  We hope to see them at future functions.  Several of them have already become involved in EE activities, and we hope others will too.

Gardeners Meeting
The Esperanza Gardeners held their final meeting of the season last Thursday.  A plan for improvements at the new Del Norte Park was presented.  It was agreed that changes would be presented to the HOA Board for approval.  Arrangements for summer watering were finalized. The Gardeners will not meet again until November.

Sons of Orpheus Spring Benefit Concert   

The Sons of Orpheus, the Male Choir of Tucson, will present its annual Green Valley Spring Benefit Concert on Sunday, April 22, 3 p.m. at Valley Presbyterian Church, 2800 S. Camino del Sol. Tickets may be purchased for $15 at the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Green Valley Community Foundation offices on Continental Road or at the door. A portion of the ticket price will be donated to the Green Valley Community Foundation.
The program will include "Flight of the Bumblebee" with guest violin soloist, Nicole Skags, several Italian pieces, favorite cowboy songs and some tongue-in-cheek numbers, such as "Musical Risotto" and a special "Victor Borge" skit.

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