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April 8, 2013        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Thanks to Our Volunteers
EE's many volunteers are our greatest asset, and the HOA showed its appreciation to all who contribute at the annual Volunteers Appreciation Dinner. Thanks to Kay Miller, chair of the volunteers dinner committee, and committee members Tom and Melodye Cooke, Jane Ellingson, Barb McCalpin, Denise Roessle, Mona Sheffield, Cynthia Surprise and Mary Beth Wallace for organizing the dinner.

And the Winner Is......
Saturday night's Volunteer Dinner was a fine dining experience capped off by the Volunteer of the Year Award. Ben Sheffield was named Volunteer of the Year. An EE homeowner since 1993 and board member from 2001-2006, Ben has been pitching in on EE projects since his retirement. His latest efforts were an essential part of the completion of the new restrooms at the Tennis/Pickleball Courts. Thanks, Ben for all you do for EE.

Hallelujah It's Hamburger Night!!
Head for the Ramada this Tuesday night at 4:30 pm for social hour followed by grilled burgers. Choose your favorite--simple beef grilled to perfection, with cheese added, or the excellent grilled vegetarian burger. The Hospitality crew will serve it up with chips and dessert for only $6.
Don't miss out. This may be this season's last chance to party with some of your winter neighbors before they head for the hills.
Please remember the Food Bank when you attend Ramada events and bring a contribution if you can.

Gator Drivers Wanted
Admit it. You've secretly fantasized about driving the Gator since the HOA bought it last year. And, now, your fantasy can be a reality! The Gardeners are looking for a couple of volunteers to drive the Gator to haul water to the new plantings in the common areas, especially during the summer. Training will be provided. The Gardeners are also seeking additional volunteers to ride along on the Gator and do the actual watering. (See below.) Please contact Bill Berdine at 344-7301 or if you are interested in these volunteer positions.

Join The Water Brigade
The EE Gardeners have worked hard to enhance our common areas this year by planting many new plants. But if these new plants are to survive the harsh summer conditions, they'll need water. And that means we need more volunteers to help with the watering. As mentioned in the article above, the Gator will be used to haul water to the new plants, but a few more volunteers are needed to pour the water from gallon jugs onto the plants. Initially the plants will need water about every two weeks. After that the work load will depend on how good the monsoon season is. Contact Bill Berdine at 344-7301 or if you can help keep with this critical need project.

Board Meeting Scheduled for April 15
The next regularly scheduled HOA Board meeting will be Monday, April 15 at 1 pm in the Ramada. Mark your calendar and arrive early to get your pick of the tush cushions.

No Movies in April
You'll need to find a new Wednesday night activity during April. Movies will resume in May when Kevin Welsh is back.

Vision Check
If the world seems a bit fuzzy to you, you may have the wrong glasses. EE resident Emil Ziemer's reading glasses apparently wandered away with a mistaken attendee at the Volunteers' Dinner. Give Emil a call at 625-9469, if the glasses you took home Saturday evening are not yours.

Missing Your Jacket?
Two lightweight jackets were left at the Ramada on Saturday night. If yours is missing, check by the gate in the pool enclosure.

Steve & Nancy Brown's Sentimental Visit
Steve and Nancy, former EE residents, are well known to many in EE. During their years here, Steve served on the Board and performed many hours of volunteer work on behalf of the HOA. He is best known for the rock art he created on the walking trail. Steve and Nancy will be returning to EE for a sentimental visit from April 16 to 23, and will be staying at Sandy Reed's home at 261 Circulo Napa (520-393-1427). They would enjoy seeing their friends while they are here.

It Hasn't Gone Unnoticed
The president of another HOA recently asked Tom Cooke: "Who does your weed control? Your subdivision always looks so nice. I drive through often and never see any weeds--and we have weeds all over the place!" When Tom explained we had taken control of our own weed destiny here, the president was impressed. Our thanks to Tom and Boyd Morse for their efforts to eradicate weeds from our common areas. Their work will continue throughout the summer months. The only reward they ask is that homeowners keep their own yards weed free too.

Marion Anderson was the good soul who donated the wheeled dolly to EE for residents' use in moving large items. We regret that her name was an Oops! in the last memo.

Photo Contest Deadline
The deadline for the Periodico's April photo contest is Sunday, April 14th. There will be a very special prize for this month's winner, so flip through your photos or run out and take some and get in on the contest. Send up to three photos taken in EE to or drop them off at 801 Circulo Napa.

Donuts Return--Next Week
The Cookes and the Millers confirm that Coffee Klatch will return next Wednesday, April 17, at 8:30 am. This advance notice allows residents time to adjust their current donut consumption in preparation for the event.

GVC Forum on State of Our Aquifer
The GVC Environmental Committee is sponsoring a repeat of the forum on the state of our aquifer in which representatives directly associated with our source and supply of water in the Santa Cruz Valley will make a very informative presentation. The forum will be held at the West Social Center on Thursday, April 18 beginning at 1:30 p.m. No reservations are required.

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