Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

April 5

Good Morning:

The big event this week will be the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (set for Friday, April 9), at Sunset Ramada. Cocktails will begin at 4:30 and dinner will be served at 5:30. The event is by invitation only, and all invitations have been delivered. The Hospitality Committee will provide drinks suitable to most tastes. The Committee will also provide a dessert and coffee following the specially catered dinner. This will be a very nice affair, to thank all of our EE volunteers who help keep our subdivision maintained, constantly improving, and going strong. The Volunteer of the Year award will be presented, along with a special award designation to another of our volunteers.

On Sunday, April 25, the Sons Of Orpheus is again performing a concert in Green Valley, at Valley Presbyterian Church. Partial proceeds of the 3 p.m. concert will benefit the Community Food Bank of Green Valley. Tickets are available at the Food Bank, GV Chamber of Commerce, and at the door, at $15. The concert features a chorus from Wagner and the Easter Hymn of Mascagni, as well as a tribute to Rachmaninoff. Shakespeare poems set to music, and some favorite cowboy songs will be included. Piano and vocal soloists from the U of A will enhance the performance. Sons of Orpheus is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-affiliated community based choral organization, comprised of men from all walks of life. Orpheus provides an opportunity for men to sing selections from the rich repertoire written for men's voices. Orpheus last performed at the Community Performing Arts Center in December.

Some additional information has been added to the EE website dealing with paint. Specifically, the new information tells how to get the Dunn-Edwards discount offered to EE residents, and to obtain delivery of the paint right to your home. The D-E contact person, his phone number, and one of the D-E store addresses are listed. Go to, and click on HOA Documents, and then on Home Paint Colors for full information on what you need to know about painting your home in Esperanza Estates. Many thanks to our webmaster, Craig Surprise, and to our HOA secretary, Joe McCalpin, for this additional information.

The April Hospitality Committee Hamburger Nite will he held Tuesday evening, April 13, at Sunset Ramada. Plan on attending for this always fun time. Start time, 4:30 pm. Cost, $5.00. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, and Veggi-burgers, drinks, chips, table service, and condiments are available for the price. A better deal just wont be found!
 Please remember to bring something for the Food Bank. Bins will be available, and they continue to need the help. A special appeal appears below in this Memo.

Fifteen people met at the Ramada last Wednesday for preliminary discussions regarding the proposed xeriscape garden now in the planning stages for EE. The discussion at the meeting dealt with site selection, general layout, property lines, protection of adjoining properties, access, availability of grants, minimizing water use, flora, and other general matters. A second meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, at 9:30 am at which time it is hoped a preliminary site drawing will be available for review. The most prominent site under discussion is one known colloquially as “Stoney’s View”.  It is just west of the EE retaining wall on upper Vereda Calma. Anyone with an interest in this project is invited to weigh in on it, and attend the next meeting mentioned above. The ad hoc committee looking into this proposal wants as much community input & participation as is possible, as it will take a considerable amount of effort to plan, complete, and commit to the future of the site. Our Enhancement Team has made a preliminary monetary commitment to this effort to get it off the ground and moving forward as a project. It is hoped that a portion of the costs will be paid with grant funds available for neighborhood improvement projects from an entity known as Pro-Neighborhoods, out of Tucson. A pre-grant application has been submitted.

Free Coffee and Donuts will be served at the Ramada on April 14, beginning at 8:30 am. We’ll see you there. No meeting, no agenda, just a social time to enjoy a cup and a donut with friends and neighbors. As our winter visitors are beginning to head north again, this may be the last of these events for this spring, so don’t miss it. It is a great way to begin your day, and leave you with a smile.

Lost your key to the swimming pool enclosure? New ones are available at the cost of reproducing the key. Call 399-0455.

The following appeal for PEANUT BUTTER has been received from the Food Bank:

Our supplies are VERY low. We hope you can help us with donations of Peanut Butter. A jar of Peanut Butter with a loaf of our bread can supply a family with many sandwiches for lunch or dinner.
Thank you for any help you can give the Green Valley Community Food Bank,
250 E Continental Rd #102 625-5252.  Donations Accepted: M-F 7:30 to 3:00.

Our Neighborhood Watch Committee held a meeting Saturday morning at the Ramada, to review a number of items. The Committee functions under the direction of chairperson Mary Beth Wallace, who does a fantastic job with this excellent program, which has been called the best in all of Green Valley. Many thanks to all of her block captains and assistants, who help to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Have a good week. Hope you had a happy Easter, and got by April Fool’s Day without any mean pranks!

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