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Esperanza Estates

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Monday Morning Memo----------April 28th

Good Morning:

There will be another "Coffee and Donuts" at Sunset Ramada this morning, April 28th, at 8 a.m. Please plan on coming on down and having a cup and a donut with your friends and neighbors. No meeting, no agenda--only a social time with others from our terrific subdivision. This is a freebee, sponsored by one of your neighbors, as all of the similar events have been. We hope to see you there. That is a beautiful time of day to spend with friends and enjoy some time together.

More than 90 people enjoyed the latest in the Hospitality Committee’s series of Hamburger Nights last Tuesday evening. The Committee did their usual excellent job with the service and the fare, and it was a time of relaxation and fellowship on a beautiful Spring evening. We thank them very much for their efforts and their dedication.

Regular summer pool hours (6:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.) were restored on Monday, April 21st by action of the Board. It was determined that the pool cover will be used at closing all year, to save evaporation, which is considerable during the summertime.

The Hospitality Committee will be putting on its traditional Cinco de Mayo fiesta on Monday, May 5th at Sunset Ramada. The festivities begin at 4:30, and the format is a pot-luck, so bring your own special Mexican dish to share. Bring your own alcohol; set-ups will be provided by the Committee. There will be a Piñata, filled with the traditional goodies. This is always a fun event, so please come down and join you friends and neighbors for a good time.

There have been two recent resignations from the Board, namely Bob Frost and Joe McMahon. Bob’s was effective April 21st; Joe’s on April 30th. Both members have rendered valuable service to the HOA and will be missed. A search for replacements is currently underway.

Many reports of snakes being found in yards in EE are being received. The phone number to call for snake removal is 629-9200, which will bring an almost instant response. Snakes removed are not harmed, but taken to nearby desert areas and released. Thanks are due to the Green Valley Fire Corps for their service.

A bench has been donated in memory of former resident (now deceased) Rod Pearson, for placement at the new rest stop on the EE trail, being built behind the new entrance monument on Portillo. A second bench has been promised. When complete, this will be a very nice, shady area with a beautiful view of the mountains, benches, and a nearby wild flower bed. The Men’s Auxiliary of the Enhancement Team, with help from others, is working on this project.

Jim Lindberg took some photos at the Volunteer appreciation dinner on April 1st. Space problems prevented these from insertion in this months Periodico, but they will be in the May issue.

Some "private trash" has been observed in the Ramada trash cans. Please do not place anything in these cans, or in the Ramada recycle bin that doesn’t originate at the Ramada. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Have a good week. We hope to see you this morning at Coffee and Donuts at Sunset Ramada.

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