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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

April 27th

Good Morning:

More than 90 people attended the Hospitality Committee’s Hamburger Nite at Sunset Ramada on the evening of April 21. This was a remarkable turnout considering the number of our winter visitors who have left for the summer, and says once again what a congenial group we have become. It was a warm and beautiful evening, and a great time--as Hamburger Nites always are. If you are not attending these events regularly, then you are missing something. Watch for the announcements and come on down. Many thanks to our Committee and all they do for us.

Our Hospitality Committee has more events coming up--the nearest being Cinco de Mayo on May 5 (of course). Here is more on that:

4:30 p.m. Pot Luck. Sunset Ramada. Bring your favorite Mexican dish to share.
Hospitality will provide Margaritas, beer, soft drinks, music, a Piñata, paper plates, cups and such. Dress in your bright color shirts & dresses. We look forward to a good turn out

Following that will be the Fourth of July party, details of which will appear as the date draws nearer. The final Hamburger Nite before the summer recess will be held on May 19.

Kudos to Jane and Eric Ellingson once more.  Jane has arranged for the siting of a beautiful Geranium at the entrance to the pool/Ramada area, and Eric has donated another telephone to the pool enclosure as a back-up unit--after totally rewiring and replacing the phone that was already there. The Ellingsons also allow use of their garage for the storage of our Ramada heaters over the summer months. These two wonderful neighbors are among all those who make our subdivision something really special. They not only care about Esperanza Estates, but go out of their way to do what is necessary to help make it the best place to live in all of Green Valley. It would be hard to enumerate all that they help us with every year. Many thanks, Eric and Jane! We are going to miss you over the summer months.

The new thermometer has been installed in the spa, and the temp readings can now be relied upon.

The Board has adopted a new protocol for requests to remove trees in the common areas. It will be published in the April Periodico.

EE residents Mary Beth Wallace, Pat Flowers, Bev Brow, Carol Flatt and Helen Montgomery were featured in Regina Ford’s column, with photos, in the Green Valley News and Sun for April 22. These ladies are all active in our Neighborhood Watch program, and were participating in a community wide seminar for Neighborhood Watch entitled “Coffee and Cop Talk”. Our Neighborhood Watch program has been recognized for years as the best in Green Valley, and we are thankful for all that they do for us. One bit of information they brought back from the program stressed that any suspicious activity should be reported to 911, and that the police would sort out what was and was not important. All EE residents are asked to do likewise.

Many thanks to Ben Sheffield for his help and counsel on a number of ongoing matters within EE. He is always willing to help us on important projects, for which we are most appreciative. He is a strong supporter of the HOA, and we rely on him.

GVCCC sent us the following about a new bus service that will be serving this area:

..The Regional Transportation Authority, along with Pima County, the towns of Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita and the community of Green Valley, invite you to a celebration and launch of this new neighborhood circulator transit service, funded by the RTA.

May 4 Events:

12:00 p.m. — Sahuarita Kickoff Event

Sahuarita Town Municipal Complex (375 W. Sahuarita Center Way)

1:00 p.m. — Green Valley Kickoff Event

Green Valley Village, Suite 13 (101 S. La Canada Dr.)


Our GVCCC representative, Bruce Liljegren, reports further details as follows:

On Monday May 4th at approximately 1:00 pm, there will be a transit kick-off presentation in Room 13 of the Green Valley Village followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the start of the public transit system known as "Sun Shuttle".  It will travel throughout Green Valley-Sahuarita area and into Tucson on a regularly scheduled basis using 12 or 14 seat vans. This is the culmination of 8 years of many meetings and much correspondence with the Pima Association of Governments/Regional Transportation Authority in an effort to provide public transportation to the area. This service will be provided at a very reasonable cost to the riders. For more information on time schedules, please contact the GVCCC office at 648-1936.

The new sun/wind screens for the south side of the Ramada were installed on Friday, April 24. Thanks again to our Enhancement Team for this wonderful and useful gift.

Have a good week. Watch for the April Periodico, which should be distributed this week.

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