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April 23, 2012        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Construction Update
Work on the restroom facilities at the tennis/pickleball courts will start on Monday.  On Monday and Tuesday only, Circulo del Sur will be closed to traffic in front of the courts to allow installation of sewer and water.

Cinco de Mayo
The Hospitality Committee will hold the annual Cinco de Mayo potluck at the Ramada on Saturday, May 5th, starting  at 4:30.  Mark the date on your calendar and dig out your favorite Mexican recipes. The committee will furnish soda, water and margaritas.

Afternoon Aquasize Continues
The ranks may be thinning out, but the faithful continue to attend aquasize on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4 p.m. in the EE pool.  Participants are urged to bring drinking water to these sessions as the rising water temperature will increase water loss during exercise.

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts
Last Wednesday's Coffee and Donuts get together at the Ramada was well attended by 40 full time EE residents and those planning to head for cooler summer pastures.  Summer residents were delighted to find out that the monthly socialization has also been scheduled for May and June.

Enhanced Board Meeting
Presentations at last Monday's HOA Board meeting were enhanced by the use of a new projector and screen.  Thanks to the Enhancement Committee for donating the funds for the projector.  Aerial shots of  EE and pictures of common areas being developed or slated for repair made the presentations easier for the more than 30 residents in attendance to follow.
Two new ad hoc committees were formed at the meeting--one to investigate and analyze alternative investment opportunities for HOA funds, the other to determine procedures for fire safety for those using the fire pit in Esperanza Park. The Tree Committee was also reconstituted.  The Board approved the mission statement of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Gardeners' plan for the pie-shaped park areas on Del Norte, and $10,000 for needed repairs on quad driveways. Board meeting minutes are available on the EE website; click here to read.

New Ramada Furniture
Two new tables and 12 chairs purchased by the Enhancement Team to accommodate the growing number of residents at our social events are now in place at the Ramada.  Thanks to Sam Barnard, Del Bean, Vince Brow, Eric Ellingson, Joe McCalpin and Craig & Cynthia Surprise for assembling them.

GVFD Fire Corps Volunteer Opportunities
The GVFD's Fire Corps assists the fire district in both its field and administration operations. Volunteers help with removing desert pests, servicing residential smoke detectors, installing residential lock boxes, placing street markers for fire hydrants, conducting home safety checks, answering citizen phone calls, and assisting with other typical office duties at the District's Headquarters.  If you are interested in becoming  a Fire Corps volunteer, you can contact either Brandon Armstrong at 207-9563 or Harry Smith at 232-3738.

May Days Ice Cream Social
Casa Community Services is sponsoring an ice cream social to benefit the Senior Lunch Program.  Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 12 and drop in from 1-4 p.m. at the Casa Community Center, 780 Park Centre Ave. on the La Posada Campus. You can enjoy "all you can eat" Blue Bell ice cream and entertainment for only $3 for a single ticket and $5 for a pair of tickets.  EE resident Melodye Cooke (phone: 399-0455) is selling the tickets.


Live Bee Removal
EE's close encounters of the bee kind have prompted a search for locally available live bee removal services.  Only one company that we contacted has responded by e-mail or phone. Avalon Bee Removal (phone 603-9932) will attempt to remove bees without killing them. Lieauhtim (pronounced "lie awe tim") of Avalon states that the company can work successfully with swarms in garages, sheds, roofs and trees. Live removal of a swarm in a brick or block wall, however, would necessitate breaking into the wall. If the homeowner prefers, Avalon Bee Removal would eradicate the bees. Charges are donations of $100 to $125 per hour This is not an endorsement of this company's work--just contact information for the only company that responded. If any EE homeowners have used this service, let Kris Bean know what the result was and she'll pass on the information.

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