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Monday Morning Memo----------April 14th

Good Morning:

We want to thank Callie very much for a most informative and interesting Memo last week. If not careful, she may have a permanent job. She seems to have a pretty good "nose" for the news about what is happening here in EE.

There will be another "Coffee and Donuts" at Sunset Ramada on Monday, April 28th, at 8 a.m. Please plan on coming on down and having a cup and a donut with your friends and neighbors. No meeting, no agenda--only a social time with others from our terrific subdivision. This is a freebee, sponsored by one of your neighbors, as all of the similar events have been. We hope to see you there.

We are informed the Hamburger Night on April 8th was a smash success, attended by over 75 people. This makes it the third grand similar gathering in a row. The next one is now scheduled for April 22nd, so plan on attending this very popular event, sponsored as always by our hardworking Hospitality Committee.

Kudos to Sheila Bennen, who donated a nice golden barrel cactus for the landscaped area around the new Portillo south entrance sign. Other cacti have been replanted there as well. Some other work has also been accomplished in that general area on the raised wildflower bed. It has been outlined in stone, and research is ongoing as to the best selection of wildflowers for inclusion. The work and planning, as reported so far, is being done by Stoney Brown, Tess and Lance Ewing, Barb and Joe McCalpin, and Jim and Geri Lindberg. Benches are also planned for this area, which will turn now useless space into a pleasant interlude area with a great mountain view.

The Enhancement Team is planning a special fundraiser/neighbor relations event for early December, 2008. What they have in mind is coffee and goodies at Sunset Ramada, along with a bake sale and a holiday gift boutique. EE residents will be invited, along with residents from neighboring communities (Las Campanas, Portillo Place, Portillo Hills, and Madera Vista). In the meantime, we are hoping to collect new or new-like items suitable for re-gifting (fine house wares, décor, artwork, candles, toiletries and toiletry gift baskets, Christmas ornaments, etc.) for the boutique. Crafters, we would be very grateful for your donations. In addition to a chance to get together with friends and neighbors, this event will provide a chance to pick up wonderful gifts at great prices.

If you have something to donate, please contact Barb McCalpin (867-8067) or Denise Roessle (399-3312). They will be available all summer to receive donations. Items for the annual EE spring garage sale are also welcome all year round.

It is realized this is a long way in the future, but the Team wanted to remind you early so you would be thinking about this project. Reminders will be made periodically in the future, but if you have an item in mind, now would be a good time to make the call. As always your help will be much appreciated, and all proceeds from this activity will come directly back to

Esperanza Estates in the form of future improvements.

Our Enhancement Team has submitted plans for the Board to consider involving an expansion and improvements to the kitchen area at Sunset Ramada. The Board will consider these at the next meeting. The Team contemplates the construction of the improvements to be among their top priorities for this coming Fall. This would involve the expansion of much needed counter and cupboard space and the placement of a new, larger sink. These improvements would make the Ramada a much more functional space for entertaining and general use.

Our next Board meeting will be held April 21st, at Sunset Ramada, at 1:00 pm. Meetings are open to all EE residents.

Have a good week. 

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