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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

March 9th

Good Morning:

Our hard working Enhancement Team has reported a successful patio sale this past Saturday, which earned approximately $1800 for future Team projects. This sum will assure that an excellent sound system will be possible for Sunset Ramada, as planned and promised. The Team wishes to thank all who donated to the sale, and who supported it by purchasing items and otherwise helping make it a successful effort. This kind of spirit is what makes our EE community the great place that it is to live. And all of us will be enjoying that new sound system for years into the future. Acquisition and installation of the system is already in the mill, and it should be fully operational within a very short time. When we help the Team, we help ourselves.

Our Ramada is in need of a good cleaning following the patio sale and some other recent activities. We will be having a cleaning party at 2:00 tomorrow, Tuesday March 10, and could use a few volunteers. If you have an hour or so to spare Tuesday, please lend us a hand. Come to the Ramada at that time. We have one power washer but could use another. If you can help us out on this, please call 399-0455 and leave a message so we will know what kind of crew to expect. Hope to see you there, and thanks ahead of time.

There is a terrific new sign at Sunset Ramada that has just been placed, and is visible from the north side of the Ramada at the entrance. It was unveiled at a special ceremony during the late afternoon of Wednesday, March 4, attended by those responsible for its manufacture and installation, and a few others who were involved in smaller ways. The sign reads, in beautiful black wrought iron letters on an ornate wood mounting board “Sunset Ramada”. It is mounted in an ideal location, where it is clearly visible yet totally out of the way. It is very inviting, welcoming, and warms the entrance. The sign was a gift from Lance and Tess Ewing, and was mounted on a background designed and built by Jim and Geri Lindberg. On the back side of the sign are some gorgeous small ceramic tiles, which face and compliment the kitchen area. Parts of the assembly upon which the sign is mounted were built by Greg Gramsted. Please go by the Ramada and take a look at this magnificent addition to our fine facility. We know you will be pleased.

Remember Coffee & Donuts at the Ramada is set for this Wednesday, March 11, beginning at 9:30 am. This monthly event is always held the second Wednesday of each month, and is a freebee. Come on down, have a cup or two and a donut (or 2) and spend a few minutes with friends and neighbors. No meeting, no agenda, no ax to grind--just a social time for conversation and fellowship.

The regular March meeting of the Board of Directors of Esperanza Estates will he held next Monday, March 16, at Sunset Ramada beginning at 1:00 pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

On the 17th, a week from tomorrow, the Hospitality Committee will serve a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, at Sunset Ramada. The cost is $10 and tickets will be limited to 100, so buy your ticket soon as time is running out. The menu will include corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and dessert. Beer and wine will be provided. Tickets are available from Sam Barnard at 648-5925 or Scottie Blum, 399-0955.

The March 10th Hamburger Nite has been cancelled in favor of the St. Patrick’s Day party.

The annual EE party to honor all EE volunteers is scheduled for March 21st at Sunset Ramada to begin at 4:30. If you are a volunteer in EE in any capacity this party is for you, and you are invited to attend. An award for Volunteer of the Year will be presented. This will be a catered party, with a fine dinner and appropriate libations. No charge for attendees--this is a party to honor and thank all volunteers who help Esperanza Estates. Have a question as to whether you qualify as a volunteer? Call 399-0455 for an answer. You won’t want to miss this one! It’s especially for you!

On the weekend of March 14th, the Desert Survivors Nursery, 1020 W. Starr Pass, Tucson ( is having a sale on native plants. This is a nursery that employs mentally challenged adults in our part of Arizona. Because of the financial crisis our state (and our country) is in, places like Desert Survivors are in danger of budget cuts, and money they receive from plant sales help support the nursery and the challenged people who work there. So if you are in need of any native plants, or know anyone who might be, please remember this sale. You will be aiding a wonderful cause. Nursery hours: Sat., 8 AM -5 PM; Sun., Noon - 5 PM.

Pool & spa users please remember that it is a requirement that you sign in in the special book provided for that purpose within the pool enclosure.

Our pickleball instructor/coach, Gary Beatty, won first place at the GV Senior Games in pickleball this past week. Gary gives lessons and a clinic three times weekly at the EE tennis/pickleball court, on Tuesdays (10 to 12); Wednesdays (10:30 to 12:30) and Thursday (10 to 12). This is a great game and a lot of fun and Gary is an excellent teacher and championship level player. Come up and give it a try!

All regular Bunco players, remember the game is today at 1:00 at Melodye’s home. Please RSVP to Valerie via email, or phone Melodye at 399-0455. If you have already made arrangements, nothing more is needed.

Have a good week.


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