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Monday Morning Memo-----------March 3rd

Good Morning:

One of the things for which we in Esperanza Estates are most fortunate is our Hospitality Committee. Last Tuesday, the Committee served about 120 people at its Hamburger Night at Sunset Ramada---which appears to be a new record for attendance. It was a fun night, as all of them are. Our Committee consists of a number of very hard working individuals who should be identified and commended highly. They are Scottie Blum, Sam Barnard, Pat Flowers, Norma Stanley, Ed Buchholz, Concetta Deodati, Lew Demuth, Audrey Boffa, and Dan Sicks. These are the people responsible for the many functions we all enjoy during the year. They plan, advertise, obtain supplies for, prepare, set up, decorate and clean up after every event, and allow the rest of us to simply enjoy them. We are lucky to have them, and they deserve our thanks and appreciation.

The next Hamburger Night is now set for March 11. Mark your calendar and donít miss it.

Keep in mind that when our Committee has surplus funds from their general events, they always give us a "freebee"---a dinner or a cocktail hour or some other party. So you canít lose by giving them your support.

We in Esperanza Estates are enjoying a pretty active social calendar of late. Tuesdays function was the fourth event in the past month. We enjoyed a Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada, then the Valentineís Day Dinner, then the Lunar Party, and now the Hamburger Night. And three of the four were entirely free! Itís great!

Our new sun shades were used for the first time Tuesday evening, and worked just fine. These will get a lot of use in the future, and we will no doubt be thankful for them.

In conjunction with our recent Hamburger Night, our Enhancement Team held a silent auction, which appeared to be a success. A number of nice items were auctioned off.

The ladies golf outing to Kino Springs has been set for Monday, March 24th, with a 10 a.m. tee time. Cost for the golf is $40, and there are plans in the works for lunch afterward (additional cost). Guests are welcome. If you plan to go with the ladies, please call Marvol by Saturday, March 15th, at 648-5925 to confirm and set up driving arrangements. Even if you have spoken to Marvol already, you need to call and re-confirm. Her email is samarvol@juno.com

The pool heater was repaired last Tuesday afternoon and turned back on; however the pool will be closed Monday (today) and Tuesday for the installation of the new pool cover. This will be a state-of-the-art electrically operated cover, operated with a key switch. Persons who will operate the cover will be trained to use it properly, to avoid the difficulties we had with the last electric cover.

The existing temporary cover will be disposed of when the new one has been installed.

It will be necessary that the pool heater be turned off during installation of the new cover. When the cover installation has been complete, the heater will be returned to operational status, but the pool may not reach a comfortable temperature until sometime on Wednesday.

Work has progressed nicely on the new Portillo entry sign on the south end of EE, which is being constructed by the very capable Miguel Lopez, and is a gift to us from our Enhancement Team. Take a look when you go by. When complete, this sign will look as though it has always been there.

Remember the Enhancement Teamís giant garage sale, (and bake sale) set for next Saturday, March 8th, at Sunset Ramada. It will be the biggest and best ever, and will begin at 7:00 a.m.. You can purchase a cup of coffee and a muffin as you browse through the large selection of sale items.

To recycle your old telephone directory, leave it at Sunset Ramada on the counter, and it will be picked up by Mary Beth Wallace and taken for placement at the proper recycle facility.

Not too early to be thinking about the Hospitality Committee's Spaghetti Night coming up on March 25th at 5 p.m. Only 100 meals will be served, so you will need to get a ticket by March 20th. Tickets are available from Scottie Blum at 399-0955, or Sam Barnard at 648-5025, at a cost of $12.00. The menu is spaghetti and meat balls, salad, garlic bread, dessert and complimentary wine. Should be a good night--don't miss it!

Have a good week. Should be an interesting election on Tuesday. See you at the garage sale on Saturday.


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