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March 25, 2013        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Rambling to Robles Pass
Fearless Leader Marian Mundale has come down with spring fever and is ready to head for the Tucson Mountains in search of seasonal blooms.  Be at the Ramada this morning at 8 am with $4 in hand for car fare if you're ready to join the pack for a 3-4 mile ramble. Looks like a great day for it.

Ladies Pickleball
The Thurday afternoon ladies-only pickleball games have now finished for the season. They will start up again next year when winter residents and cooler afternoon temperatures return.

So Bright You'll Have to Wear Shades
Many thanks to the Enhancement Committee and their auxiliary for the clean Ramada.  The furniture and floor were scrubbed last Friday by an energetic group wielding a power sprayer. We appreciate this extra effort to keep our main event space looking great. Special thanks to Ron McLaughlin and Joe McCalpin for manning the power washers. Sweepers, cleaners and polishers included: Lorna Kitchak, Pat Sharpe, Tom Cooke, Marian Mundale, Geri Lindberg, Sandi Oster, Karen O'Brien, and Barb McCalpin.

Coffee Klatch Returns
The weather gods smiled on the Coffee Klatch last Wednesday with 58 residents in attendance. Cindy Tepe, a guest of EE residents Del and Kris Bean, was the winner of gift certificates for a haircut and manicure, the door prize for this event. In Green Valley for only a few days, Cindy generously donated the gift certificates back to the Coffee Klatch. There'll be another chance for EE residents to win this fabulous prize in April. Kudos to the Cookes and Millers for hosting another neighborhood hit.

Home and Garden Tour a Delight
EE residents and guests were treated to a peek inside the walls of ten EE residences on Sunday, courtesy of the Enhancement Team, the EE Gardeners and homeowners Bill and Dagmar Duncan, Bill Berdine and Stacie Meyer, Ken and Patty Adler, Johanna Wood and Thomas Hurley, Jim and Barbara Copeland, Randy and Carolyn Acher, Terry and Donna Shay, Kevin and Linda Welsh, Paul and Kathy LaVanway, and Tom and Melodye Cooke. Perfectly timed for the beginning of spring bloom season, the tour was a font for new ideas for all attending. The lucky winner of the ceramic birdhouse raffle was Joyce Rosvold.

Parking Reminder
Residents are reminded that vehicles must be parked so that sidewalks and driveways are not blocked to any degree. Do a quick walk-around after parking in your driveway or on the street to insure that your neighbors will not have difficulty using the sidewalks or their driveways.

Screens Viewed as Architectural Elements
Considering screening that porch or patio? Just a reminder that it's wise to have Architectural Control give the "go ahead" to all your exterior projects before they're ordered or installed.

It's Almost Like Being There
If you missed the HOA Board meeting last Monday, you can find out what happened by reading the minutes as recorded by our faithful scrivner Joe McCalpin. Just click here to go to the EE web site Board Meeting minutes index page and select any month's minutes to read.

Signs Of The Times
Now that our EE parks have undergone spectacular transformations, those dinky little signs just wouldn't do! Thanks to Bill Pratt, who can figure out how to do just about any project, we now have some fantastic wooden signs announcing our parks in big, bold letters. Thanks also to Bill Berdine, Stacie Meyer, Rosella Pratt and Cindy Krantz, who helped with the painting.

Tush Cushions Find a Home
Looking for relief from Ramada Waffle-butt Syndrome? Look no further than the large brown containers at the west end of the Ramada. Comfy cushions reside there for your relief. Just remember to return them to the container when you are finished using them. Thanks to Enhancement for providing the cushions and the storage box and thanks to Joe McCalpin and Al Prato for taking care of the "some assembly required."

Drive-In Movie a Success
EE's first drive-in movie last Wednesday met with great success, and we hope there will be more in the future. Thanks to the Shays and Welshs for turning the Shays' driveway into a theater and providing root beer floats at intermission.  Thanks also to Steve and Cheri Day for donating a popcorn popper to dispense the quintessential movie snack. (Did you know? The first-ever drive-in movie theater opened on June 6, 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. There are now fewer than 500 drive-ins remaining in the country.)
A bonfire/concert-in-the-park is rumored to be the next Wednesday nite special event. Check the pool entry bulletin board for updates on this one.

Who's Who
Wondering who to call if you need something in EE?  A list of names and numbers is available in the March issue of the Periodico. You'll also find our annual reprint of SAV's 'Closing Your Home for the Summer' Checklist for those of you departing EE in the next couple of months.

Volunteers Appreciation Dinner
The annual dinner honoring EE volunteers is scheduled for Saturday, April 6. This is the HOA's way of letting everyone who volunteers know how much we appreciate what they do for us.  Invitations were delivered to volunteers last week. Please RSVP by tomorrow, March 26, to the individual listed at the bottom of your invitation.

Snakes Awake
We've had the first report this season of a snake in a driveway--on Ensalmo--last week. Call the fire department's non-emergency number (629-9200) for snake removal from your home or yard.

Hazardous Duty
Thanks to the EE residents who were part of GVC's Household Hazardous Waste Disposal event last Saturday. Led by our GVC representative Joe McCalpin, the team included Del Bean, Jim Lindberg, Bruce and Judy Moulton, Pat Sharpe, Ben Sheffield, and Craig Surprise. The new layout reportedly made the flow of traffic much smoother than last year and drop-offs were processed much faster.

Mary Anne Strauss was awarded a first place ribbon for her quilt My Mother's Flower Garden and a second place ribbon for My Southwest Rhapsody by the Valley Quilters Guild last week.

'Big Bertha' Beckons
'Big Bertha' (a.k.a. Trichocereus), the showgirl of the cactus world, is starting to open outside the home at 110 Circulo Napa. Give her a few days and then be sure to walk by to see the impressive display.

Community Food Bank
Please remember the Community Food Bank when you come to an event at the Ramada. A blue bin is located in the kitchen area to receive contributions.  If you are leaving for the season, please consider donating items to the food bank when you are cleaning out your pantry.

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