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Monday Morning Memo

 March 23, 2015        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Volunteer Recognition
Our spirit of volunteerism is what marks EE as a special place in Green Valley. It is why our facilities are always maintained and always being improved upon. It is why our hospitality and social events are always so much fun, and it is why we are able to do so many things together as a neighborhood. It is why we all work together toward our common goals. Our EE volunteers have a special elan---we live here, and we care!
To honor our volunteers, the Board wishes to invite all of our present and past volunteers to a special reception at our Ramada, on March 25th from 4 to 5:30, for beverages and hors d'oeuvers. If you are presently a volunteer, or have been in the past, then please come and allow us to say thanks for your service. --Tom Cooke

Give Dave a Hand  
Let's applaud Dave Sielken for his vast watering duties. Establishing the plants that have transformed EE's parks requires initial watering.  Dave sets out daily on his trusty tractor/tank to hand water. If you can actually give Dave a hand, he would truly appreciate it.  Got a morning or two that you could devote?  Dave would be very glad to train you.

Button Bracelets for Fiber Artists 
Button bracelets are back by popular demand.  Not finished with your first bracelet?  Complete it. Missed the first session?  Bring lots of buttons, thread, needle, and scissors.  Black elastic will be provided.  Bring your own project and learn from others at 1 pm Thursday at the Ramada.

Prime Palm Pruning Upon Us
Common Area Maintenance Chief Dean Hess reminds us that palm pruning time is approaching. The HOA requires that dead fronds, a lightning fire hazard, be removed by the end of June.  Looking for a bargain?  Call Monstrosity Tree Service now, let them know that you are an EE resident and ask for the special $45 per tree price. You'll be on their list when they come into the neighborhood to do Common Area trees.

Gentle Yoga Moves this Wednesday
Mary Grgrich is gently moving the 3 pm Wednesday group to her home at 1041 Regalo due to a conflict at the Ramada.

So Easy a Child Could Do It
Those 2 new tables and 8 chairs purchased by Enhancement were assembled by the handyman team of Big Al Prato and his faithful sidekick 
Three Fingers Terry Shay. With the help of a few power tools, a tourniquet or two, and some choice words, the job was finished in record time.  Previous record: 2 hours.  Al and Terry's record: 4 hours. Thanks boys.

Barb McCalpin Soliciting Again-No Arrest Made
Barb McCalpin is again looking for a few good folk.  The Green Valley Fire Department has agreed to teach a CPR certification class at the Ramada on Friday, April 3 at 9 am, provided 16 people sign up. It will cost you a mere $35 to become certified in this lifesaving technique and learn to use an Automated External Defibrilator (AED).  Call Barb (867-8067or e-mail her at

Accidental Jacket Exchange
Due to a mix-up at the Ramada last weekJane Ellingson just washed and ironed your denim jacket and will exchange it for her jacket, if you have it.

Guest Policy Input Solicited
Tom Cooke is looking for your suggestions regarding guest policy at EE facilities and events. Phone him at (520)399-0455 or e-mail him at

Grill Undercover
Our Ramada grill is all dressed up and ready for the next event.  Thanks to Tom Cooke's detective work and a hand from Del Bean the torn cover has been removed and a previously purchased replacement installed. All this without any HOA funding.  The best neighborhood and the best neighbors--EE.

Paper Periodico Precedes On-line Publication
Thanks to Denise Roessle and Dean Hess the print version of this month's Periodico is out-pacing the on-line version.  Check out the copies at the Ramada now or start checking the website on Thursday to read on your own device.

And the Winner Is......
EE's Super Soup Chef 2015 is Melodye Cooke. Elected to this exalted position by a jury of more than 110 hungry neighbors our now famous chef won with a delicious Chicken Tortilla soup. It was a tough decision with 15 soups to pick from. Congratulations and a big thank-you to Marla Ries and the Hospitality Group for another hit.
Mark April 4th on your calendar now for Coney Island night.

Dog Story
Keep an eye out for an abandoned dog.  Residents report that one was dumped out by a motorist in the 700 block of Regalo on Saturday.  Call the Animal League of Green Valley at 625-3644 if you see this abandoned critter.

(Due to this memo's late posting, the Activities Calendar has been removed.)

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