Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

March 22

Good Morning:

The Esperanza Estates Home Tour that took place yesterday can only be described as an absolute triumph--the best one yet. The 9 houses Tour participants were allowed to visit were all superb examples of thought and originality, and some of the best our subdivision has to offer. The perfect weather added to the flair of about as perfect of a day as one could ask for. And not content with all that went before, the Tour organizers added a wine and cheese festival at the Ramada following the Tour that surpassed all expectations. Wines, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, special toppings, and other goodies were arrayed and served to the participants in ample quantities, and were enjoyed in the gaily decorated Ramada. It is easy to see why this event is so awaited and so special to our residents. It just absolutely represents our special Esperanza Estates élan--we’re number one! Many, many thanks to Donna Collins, Chair of this event, and all of her assistants, and all of our homeowners who volunteered to open their homes to us to enjoy. We are in your debt, and you are special to us.

This past Saturday, we received a visit from US Marine Corporal Mitchell Miramonte, his family, and another Marine buddy of his, at Sunset Ramada. Cpl. Miramonte was serving in the unit in Iraq which was the recipient of the drive organized by Nancy Moore to collect items for the troops back in 2006, and he wanted to visit EE and give us his personal thanks. We had a respectable showing of EE residents, and also, about 25 members of the Patriot Guard Riders, a veterans group who serves as honor guards both to welcome US troops home, and pay last respects at the funerals of soldiers killed in action. The Patriot Guards are a very impressive group, who arrive at events on motorcycles. The local chapter of the Guards is headed by our own Sam Barnard. Watch for the coverage and photos of this event which will appear in the Green Valley News this coming Wednesday, March 24.

The Board of Directors has awarded the contract for re-plastering the pool and spa to Hardrock Designs and Pool Interiors. Work on the project will commence about April 19, and will continue until the project is complete, about two weeks. Please note these dates and make your plans accordingly if you are a pool/spa user, or if you expect guests. This work is overdue, and needs to be completed.

It appears we will shortly be in a position to move ahead on the streetlight head replacement program that has been in the works and under consideration for some time now. An exemplar of what is believed to be the final selection has been ordered, and as soon as it is approved, the project will finally be on the path to completion. The worst of the lights will be replaced first, and the balance gradually over a period of time. We expect to complete the project with volunteer labor, and will be looking for help. Keep us in mind if you are somewhat handy, and want to help your community.  Many thanks to Ben Sheffield, who has been negotiating for the best price on the lamp heads, and has done very well for us.

Some new signs have been posted at Sunset Ramada with the following reminders:

--Replace chairs and tables to their original position

--Leave sun/wind screens up (and in their protective sleeves)

--Place all trash in trash receptacles

--Leave Ramada swept and clean when leaving

Ramada users may use any table configuration desired; however tables and chairs should be replaced to their original position when the event is over. When the event involves serving food, care should be taken to avoid leaving scraps and crumbs under the tables, as these become attractive to mice and insects. These are common sense requests, but reminders are usually not a bad idea.

The Hospitality Committee’s Spaghetti Feed, scheduled for March 27, has been cancelled. All persons who have purchased tickets will have their money refunded. The dinner will be rescheduled in the fall.

Pickleball players: Due to warmer weather a change in play times (from noon to an earlier hour) will be made shortly. Watch for details.

The Bienvenidos Committee has requested that all attendees to the brunch, if they haven't already done so, please complete and return the new resident interest forms that were handed out at the brunch. Forms may be returned to either Barb McCalpin (311 Portillo) or Cynthia Surprise (1080 Excelso.)

Have a good week. Hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day last week.

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