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Monday Morning Memo-------------------March 2nd

Good Morning:

The ad hoc committee studying the light pole problem in EE met last Tuesday for a discussion of the possible solutions. Several possibilities were discussed, and it was generally agreed that the best and least expensive that would accomplish the goal of achieving both uniformity and rehabilitation will involve replacing the light fixtures and generally refurbishing the poles and mail boxes where needed, and repainting all of them a single, uniform color. A uniform long-life bulb would also be provided to each lamp. Some of the poles will need to be replaced, or to undergo major repair work. The committee studied a number of possible fixtures and located 3 which appear to fit our architectural style the best. The next step will be to see what prices will be charged on a large purchase of these units, and to see if exemplars can be obtained to study further.

The committee believes most of the work involved in this project can be done by volunteers, which will result in a major cost savings.

Once a final cost figure is determined, a formal proposal will be made to the EE Board of Directors for the major financing necessary for the project. It is the present thinking of the committee that the costs of the overall project be borne by the HOA, except where replacement of a light pole or major electrical or other work is required. Those costs would need to be borne by the homeowner--as is specified by the CC&R’s. A final determination on a contribution for the project cost will need to be made by vote of the Directors. Solar lights would no longer be allowed. Watch for progress reports on this matter in the future.

Please remember the Enhancement Team’s March 7th Patio Sale. The proceeds have been pledged by the Team to the installation of a first rate sound system for our Ramada. To aid this goal, a successful sale is necessary. Please go through your house, garage, and patio, and anything that you no longer have a use for (except clothing and electronic items) --donate for the sale. The Team has the capacity to store furniture and practically anything else, and pick up of your items can be arranged. Just call Sandi Oster (625-0039), Barb McCalpin (867-8067), Barb Cottrell (648-3149), or Bev Brow (625-7741). Your help is much appreciated, and as with everything the Team does, will help all of us to better enjoy Esperanza Estates. This will be your last opportunity to donate before the sale, scheduled for next Saturday. One of the items for sale will be a Rascal 320 power chair, with a new battery--thanks to the generosity of Jim and Barbara Sage. The price to be placed on this item is $1000--far less than its actual value. The unit is in excellent condition. More information on this can be obtained by calling Tess, at 625-7353

In March, the Hospitality Committee will serve a St. Patrick’s Day dinner March 17, at Sunset Ramada. The cost is $10 and tickets will be limited to 100, so buy yours early. The menu will include corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and dessert. Beer and wine will be provided. Tickets are available from Sam Barnard at 648-5925 or Scottie Blum, 399-0955. They will also be on sale at the patio sale to be held at Sunset Ramada on March 7.

The March 10th Hamburger Nite has been cancelled in favor of the St. Patrick’s Day party.

The annual EE party to honor all EE volunteers is scheduled for March 21st at Sunset Ramada to begin at 4:30. If you are a volunteer in EE in any capacity this party is for you, and you are invited to attend. An award for Volunteer of the Year will be presented. This will be a catered party, with a fine dinner and appropriate libations. No charge for attendees--this is a party to honor and thank all volunteers who help Esperanza Estates. Have a question as to whether you qualify as a volunteer? Call 399-0455 for an answer. You won’t want to miss this one! It’s especially for you!

Kudos to Arleen Boyuls, editor of our monthly publication, the Periodico de Esperanza, for an outstanding February issue. Her work on this just keeps getting better and better. In addition to Arleen, our HOA is privileged to have the services of our webmaster and computer wizard Craig Surprise. It is rumored that Craig has some “surprises” in store for us as well, with a newly designed, modernized and updated website containing more information about EE and with features making it easier to use.

Craig has also teamed up with our resident electronics wizard, Eric Ellingson to design our planned sound system for Sunset Ramada--with a lot of help from Lance Ewing. Our HOA is indeed fortunate to have this kind of talent available when we need them---just as we are for all of our multi-talented volunteers.

There will also be another surprise at Sunset Ramada, with the unveiling of a great new addition--courtesy of Lance and Tess Ewing and a lot of help from Jim Lindberg. Come and see it this next Thursday.

Everyone is invited to “Community Conversations, Green Valley” at 10 a.m. Thursday, March 5 at the Canoa Hills Social Center, 3660 S. Camino del Sol.

Featured on the program are Dan Shearer, new managing editor of Green Valley News & Sun and Regina Ford, lifestyle editor, who will be interviewed by Bill Buckmaster, host of “Arizona Illustrated” on Channel 6.

Come have a cup of coffee and hear what some of our major media people have to say about the many issues we face in our community,

Have a good week. How about this weather?

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