Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

March 15

Good Morning:

The regular March meeting of the Board of Directors will meet today at 1:00 p.m. at Sunset Ramada. All residents are invited to attend. An agenda follows this edition of the Memo.

On March 20, EE will have a special visitor in the person of Mitchell Miramonte. He was a Marine, fighting in Iraq, back in 2006 when Nancy Moore and some other EE volunteers conducted a drive to collect items for the soldiers and arranged for their transport to that country. Mitchell’s unit was among the recipients of the items sent, and it made such an impression on him that when he returned here, he contacted Nancy to say thanks. Nancy has arranged for him to visit here on March 20, and he would like to meet with as many of our residents as possible to thank them for the morale boost the collected items gave he and his fellow soldiers. He will have one of his Marine buddies with him, as well as his family. Please put this on your calendar so you can stop by and speak with him and receive his thanks. He will be here at about noon on that day. Several members of the Patriot Guard Riders are expected to stop and visit Cpl. Miramonte while he is here.

Remember the EE Home Tour next Sunday, for ticket holders only. This event has completely sold out for this year. A wine and cheese festival for tickets holders will follow the event at Sunset Ramada. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Enhancement Team for its EE betterment activities. This activity has always proven to be of immense interest and a lot of fun, and this year will be no exception. The organizers have done a superb job of putting it together, from start to finish. A record number of sponsors will be participating this year.

The Board has been meeting with pool companies about redoing the plaster in the pool and spa--which is overdue for completion. Once a firm is selected, this work will proceed, and will take about 2 weeks to complete, during which the pool and spa will be closed to use. Watch for announcements. It appears at present the work will be proceeding in April.

The new EE committee, Bienvenidos a Esperanza held a brunch Sunday at Sunset Ramada for the newcomers to our subdivision, including an orientation to what EE offers and how it operates as an HOA. It was attended by about 25 of our new residents, who enjoyed lunch and heard comments from various Board members and committee heads. It was a very nice affair, and very well organized and done. Written information and a volunteer interest survey were provided to attendees.

Remember the Hospitality Committee’s Spaghetti Feed, scheduled for March 27. Tickets are only $10, and are available from Scottie Blum, 399--0955, Sam Barnard, 648-5925, or Norma Stanley, 393-6100. The Committee needs about 50 participants to proceed with the event. This will be a full Italian feast, at a very reasonable cost, so plan on attending.

Hamburger Nite last Tuesday was well attended, considering the weather that evening. About 65 residents showed to enjoy the traditional Hospitality Committee monthly function, which was mellowed out pretty well with the Ramada windscreens down and the heaters out and in use.

About 35 people attended Free Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada last Wednesday morning. If you have not tried this event, watch for it. It is always the second Wednesday of each month, usually beginning at about 9 (depending on the weather--earlier when it is warmer). No charge, no agenda, just some social time together to enjoy coffee and a donut.

There will be a Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Ramada for Block Captains and Assistants Sat. April 3 at 10 AM. Craig Surprise will be available to review the format of the Zone sheets and answer questions about the email distribution. Please bring a copy of your zone sheet that you have received by email. This may help Craig answer your questions if you are having problems printing a readable copy. All are encouraged to attend. Coffee and Doughnuts will be available.

Some new language, crafted by Craig Surprise, our webmaster, is being added to the website area which provides for the correct paint colors for our EE homes. In case you were not aware, there is a complete list of the correct color for every home in Esperanza Estates found on the website. Persons contemplating repainting are advised to read this information, not only to determine the right color, but for some additional useful tips on the best brand of paint to use and the reasons for it. Check it out at and click on HOA Documents in the left margin, and then on Paint Colors. The new wording, which will be found permanently on the website, is below. It contains some very significant information, and  those thinking of painting their homes are encouraged to read it.

Homes in Esperanza Estates were originally painted using five colors of Dunn-Edwards paint. All exposed wood was painted using Norfolk Brown, while Navajo White, Baja White, Weathered Coral, and Travertine were used on the masonry.

The photocopy of the original paint list below gives the original color of each house, identified by Lot # and Street Address. According to the EE CC&R's, any repainting must be done using the same two colors -- Norfolk Brown for exposed wood, and the listed color for the masonry.

While use of Dunn Edwards paint is not required when repainting, it is the most reliable way to avoid color-matching problems. (It is also the best way, according to long-time local painting contractors, to get a fade-resistant and highly durable paint job.) The exact 'recipes' for each of the colors are known only to Dunn Edwards. Any other supplier of paint can only make a best-efforts attempt at matching those colors by optically scanning a small sample. If the color-matching system being used isn't correctly calibrated or operated, or if the person mixing the paint makes a mistake when measuring the various tinting colors, the resulting paint color will be incorrect. If a mismatch is bad enough to be 'obvious' to anyone comparing newly painted areas with the adjacent house or houses, repainting may be called for. Property owners are responsible for meeting this requirement of the EE CC&R's, not the painting contractor. (Before proceeding with an exterior, street-front paint job, it is highly recommended to paint a small (approx 2x4 foot) 'test area' immediately adjacent to an adjoining house (or houses) of the same color -- to allow the color-match to be confirmed once the paint has dried. Don't hesitate to contact the HOA Board Architectural Control person and/or Board President if the match is in any doubt.)

The sidewalk trip hazard at the corner of Ensalmo and Napa has been repaired by Pima County. Joe McCalpin, our GVCCC representative, made a formal action request through GVCCC for corrective measures, and for once, the system worked.

Planning for the EE Volunteers Appreciation Dinner is complete. The Dinner will be held April 9 at Sunset Ramada. It is believed all invitations have been distributed; however if you are an EE volunteer and have not received one or have questions, please call 399-0455.

Have a good week.


The Monday Morning Memo is not an official publication of the HOA of Esperanza Estates.  It is intended to be informational only and is distributed as a courtesy. Content is entirely determined by the editor.

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Sunset Ramada

AGENDA for Board Meeting March 15, 2010

I. 1:00 Call to order--recognition of new members

II. Announcements

III. Acceptance of the February minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Joan Moreaux

Committee Reports:

A. ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE – Bob Hunton/discussion of CC&R violations

B. CAPITAL PROJECTS – Sandy Reed/ discussion of pool/spa replastering


D. GVCCC – Joe McCalpin/discussion of sidewalk repair; potholes



G. HOSPITALITY – Scottie Blum and Sam Barnard


I. ESPERANZA ENHANCEMENT – Tess Ewing or Rep/report on patio sale/Home Tour

IV. OLD BUSINESS- Report by Ben Sheffield re streetlight project

V. NEW BUSINESS-possible action on pool/spa re-plastering contract; lamp heads; planning for Volunteers party


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