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Monday Morning Memo----------February 25th

Good Morning:

About 95 people enjoyed the 9th Annual Lunar Party, held at EE Park on February 20th. This was a record attendance for the event. Attendees enjoyed hot dogs with trimmings, two varieties of chili, various types of drinks, and dessert. There was a dandy bonfire, and nature treated the guests to two special events--a total lunar eclipse of the full moon----and the birthday of Board member Robert Frost. This event was sponsored by "the usual suspects", a small group whose identity is no secret. Thanks is extended to all who helped and all who attended this always fun event. Some surplus from the event has been donated to the Hospitality Committee.

Melodye wishes to thank all who helped look for her earring, and reports it has been found. Special thanks to Lynn Rabe, who really went the extra mile in the search.

A contract was signed February 19th for a new electric cover for the pool. It should be fully installed within 2 weeks, and possibly less. We anticipate a considerable energy cost saving from this installation.

The sun/wind screens at Sunset Ramada were installed last Monday, and they look great. When not in use they are stored inside a metal box fastened to and which matches the color of the ramada ceiling, for protection from the elements. They are mechanically operated by the use of a crank device, and will roll down to the ramada floor when fully extended. They should do an excellent job of blocking the westerly sun, along with offering some wind protection as well. This was another Enhancement Team project. The screens were financed by donations from the Team, various individuals, and the use of some of the funds received from the sale of memorial bricks at the ramada. No HOA funds were involved in this project.

As a matter of interest, our ramada has existed for about 15 months now. Within that time it has been electrified, had fans and lights installed, been furnished, provided with heaters, and now sun/wind screens---all with funds donated by the Enhancement Team and other generous individual residents, and at no expense to our HOA. This is a remarkable achievement, and is evidence of the pride our subdivision is feeling in the new ramada.

Remember the Hospitality Committee’s Hamburger Night tomorrow, Tuesday the 26th. It will begin at 4:30 at Sunset Ramada. Hamburgers and veggie burgers will be available along with the usual fixings, water and soft drinks, table service, all at a nominal charge of $4.00 for Hamburgers and $1.00 for water or soda. As always the chef will be the ever popular Sam Barnard, who will be performing his culinary magic, and who will cook your burger precisely to order. The attractive wait staff will be members of the Committee. Bring your own alcohol--set-ups will be provided.

During the Hamburger Night the Enhancement Team will have a silent auction table. Some of the items include framed southwestern prints; ironwood carving; table top water fountain; beautiful Italian tableware, etc. With the exception of the giant garage sale, this will be the last fund raiser for the season.

For your future planning, the Enhancement Team will host a Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada on March 17th, at 8 a.m., to thank all of the residents in EE for their support of the Team’s projects this winter season. Watch for further details. Another resident has offered to sponsor a Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada for the month of April, probably toward the end of the month. Watch for details on this one as well. This will make three months in a row for this morning social get together, which is becoming popular with residents. If you or your group would like to sponsor one, call 399-0455. The cost is nominal; the benefits substantial.

The new south EE entrance sign on Portillo should be finished within a week. This is another project for us, courtesy of and paid for by our Enhancement Team.

As a part of the giant garage sale set for March 8th, sponsored by our Enhancement Team, there will be a bake sale, and muffins and coffee will be available at the sale for a nominal fee.

Donations of baked goods for the sale would be appreciated, and if you can bake something or otherwise help, please call Mona at 625-3797 or Sandi at 625-0039.

If you have items to donate, call Bev at 625-7741, Jane at 625-7782, or Sandy at 625-0039. Pick up of items for the sale is available until March 1st. Mark the sale date on your calendar as it promises to be a dandy---the biggest and best ever. The sale will be held at Sunset Ramada. Those who read these pages realize everything our Team does for all of us, and know how much they deserve our support. We’ll see you at the sale!

The 51st memorial brick for installation at Sunset Ramada will be in memory of Stuart Wiley, long time EE resident who recently passed away.

Reports have been received of streetlights having been tampered with. If yours has this appearance, please call 399-0455 and report the circumstances.

The shower head in the men’s shower at the pool has been changed, as the old one had pretty well calcified out. The pool heater failed on Friday, and is being repaired, but it will probably be Monday at the earliest and the pool will probably not be comfortable again until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. Mats have been placed outside the showers on both the men’s and women’s side to prevent slipping on the floors after exiting the showers. A leaky hose Bibb has been replaced, and two additional old and defective valves in the equipment room will be changed out this week.

Our resident golf pro Marvol Barnard is putting together a Ladies Day of golf, at Kino Springs course, sometime in latter March, and she needs to know how many EE ladies would be interested in going. All she needs for now is to know how many EE women who golf would be interested in participating. All skill levels are welcome--it will be NO STRESS golfing and just a fun outing, and she is thinking of a golf outing a lunch, something along those lines. Please let her know by dropping her an email at Samarvol@juno.com or by phone if you don’t have a computer 648-5925. This will be a good time for all participants, so plan on it if you are a lady golfer.


There is a new group active in Green Valley which has as its aim the beautification of the street medians. It is called, naturally, MedianGreen. Their plans call for

planting, or replanting the most prominent medians in Green Valley with hardy, native plants requiring a minimum of water and attention. Initially they be working on the medians on La Canada, Continental, and Esperanza Blvd. Additional medians will be added in the future. They seek the help of HOA’s and community businesses for both donations and labor. More information is available at 1325 W. Duval Mine Road, #167-10, or by calling (520) 648-1936.

Have a good week. Hope to see you at the Hamburger Night tomorrow!


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