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Monday Morning Memo----------February 11

Good Morning:

Our new ramada now has a formal name: Sunset Ramada. This name will appear on the arch forming the west front of Sunset Park in black iron lettering paid for and installed by our always busy Enhancement Team, who came up with this delightful and descriptive name as well. Some years ago this small Park was named in a contest and selected by a popular vote of the residents. Sunset Park---Sunset Ramada. Seems most fitting. Thanks again Team!

Remember the free Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow, February 12th, at Sunset Ramada-- if you have RSVP’d. The hours are 4 to 6. The menu is ham, with side dishes. There may be some free alcohol, but to be on the safe side, better BYOB. Join your friends and have a pleasant evening courtesy of our Hospitality Committee, who with free events such as this one are repaying all who support their regular activities.

An error has been noted in the new EE directory. The number for Jim Seltzer should be shown as 648-1273. Please correct in your copy.

The 9th Annual Lunar Party will be held at the EE (Flag) Park on Holgado on the February 20th, beginning at 5:00 pm. Be sure to plan on attending this one. We have a bonfire, eats, drinks and a good time. No charge, no RSVP, no agenda; just come. One of the things we will be celebrating is the birthday of one of our residents, so in addition to the other goodies, there will be a cake to share. Bringing a chair is a good idea.

Last week’s Memo contained an error regarding the people who can pick up your donations to the Enhancement Team’s giant garage sale set for March 8th. If you have items to donate, call Bev at 625-7741, Jane at 625-7782, or Sandy at 625-0039. Mark the sale date on your calendar as it promises to be a dandy. Items will be picked up until March 1st. Also, the Team needs a place for temporary storage of articles for the sale, until March 8th. If you have a spot in your garage, a storage shed, or some other space you could allow the Team to use for this time period, please call Bev at the phone number given above. They would be most appreciative.

About 25-30 people showed up at Sunset Ramada for coffee and donuts last Thursday morning. The turnout was a bit smaller than expected, but it was something of a chilly morning. The heaters at the ramada proved their use once again, as they kept the attendees quite comfortable. The event was enjoyed, and enjoyable, and about 4 dozen donuts and assorted pastries disappeared.

There will be another Coffee and Donuts at the Sunset Ramada next month, at a date to be announced. Watch for details. These are privately sponsored events, not a part of the Hospitality Committee’s program. Future sponsors are solicited for the coming months after March. Call 399-0455 for details. Sponsors are EE residents who desire to promote good will among our residents. Costs involved are nominal, and the benefits for our community invaluable.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Your HOA needs volunteers to help out at the pool. Specifically, under Pima County regulations our pool and spa are required to be tested twice daily to assure the chemical balance is correct. The test is simple and requires less than 3 minutes to accomplish. This has to be done 7 days a week. If we cannot find sufficient volunteers, the HOA will be required to hire professionals to handle this requirement, at an expense to us which will need to be paid from the HOA budget. If you would be in a position to help out with this task, please call 399-0455. If we have several volunteers, the task can be broken down and spread out among them so that each volunteer can take only part of the week and the task can be minimized for each. This is a great way to help your HOA and help keep our annual dues as low as possible.

We welcome new residents Tim and Karen O’Brien from Colorado, who recently purchased the former Jack and Marion O’Donnell residence.

Another Household Hazardous Waste Collection has been scheduled for Saturday, February 16th from 8 am to noon at the Valley Presbyterian Church, 2800 S. Camino del Sol. Most hazardous waste is accepted, as are electronic devices--provided there is a $10 charge for an old TV. A document shredding service is available for $5.00 per box. Gas cap testing will be done free. Call 520-432-3595 for further information.

Have a good week, and we hope to see you at the Valentine’s Day Dinner tomorrow.


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